thread: Estimated Birth Weight???

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    Cool Estimated Birth Weight???

    Hi Again,

    More questions, I had a measurement scan today and bub is already 5 pounds.... so how big will it get before delivery???? 9 weeks to go!!!

    Taking in mind I have Gestational Diabetes and also have been given the 2 steroid shots with the threatened early labour....



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    I know a concern with GD is the higher birth weights, but also know that the scans can often be wrong. My scan 2 days before my DD2 was born said she was 10lbs 11oz, but she was born 8lb 13oz so no where near what they guessed.

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    Lisa - everyone that I know who was told measurements found out later they were completely wrong - have read a lot on it and sounds as if its very much near impossible to be accurate with it..

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    Hi Lisa
    It is known that measuring the weight by US is very inaccurate. In fact the Australian society for Ultrasound in Medicine suggest that ultrasound should not be used to measure the weight of the unborn baby due to its inaccuracy. However it is known that mum's that have GD often give birth to larger babies.

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    I know someone with GD who had a c-section at 38wks due to u/s estimate of over 10lbs. Bubs was 6lbs 5oz and had to go to SCBU for a night as his breathing was a bit disorganised. Pretty grim, though he was fine after that.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much at this stage. Women with GD CAN have bigger babies, but nothing is a given and until you're actually in labour it's really hard for anyone to tell how much room you have for getting a baby out anyway. They'll keep a close eye on you during labour i should think, so try not to fret just now.


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    There is no conclusive evidence that Gestational Diabetes can produce a macrosomic (large baby over 4kg) baby. In fact there have been quite a few mums with GD on here who have only had babies of average weight. Either you are meant to have a big baby or not - GD is irrelevant to that. There is an article on here about the entrie concept of GD and large babies.

    Take the estimate of the scan as a bit of fun, as it is no real indicator of babies size - there is a margin for error of 15% either way, meaning that baby can be 15% smaller or larger than the estimated size.

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    same here,
    i was told at 36 weeks that bub was nearly ten pound so they indused and she was 6 pound 7. Very innacurate

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    my OB told me the day before Krystal was born (induced) that she will be about 7lb.. to my surprise she was 9lb 2oz...

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    I haven't had a measurement scan yet, and reading all of this (especially when I have GD) terrifies me of a big baby eeeek I am meeting with the midwife in two weeks time so I will ask her about the measurement scan. I am not seeing my obstetrician for another 3-4 weeks.

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    I am convinced they cannot accurately tell you that.

    I was told I was having a really big baby............. 7lb5oz......... not big - my cat was bigger and she's a small cat!

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    my first son was 3.53kg natural delivery, my 2nd son was 4.13kg CS (due to suposed foetal distress, although dissappointed, after the birth felt how could I have deliverd him naturally due to his size), 3rd son 4.54kg - lesson to me... my body will not grow a baby to big for me to birth.

    I am having my fourth son - due in 3 weeks and I am not worried about his size he will most likely be born bigger (as this seems to be the trend)

    My GP advised another CS due to size of baby last pregnancy, sending me off for an ultrasound at 36 weeks - I am glad I did not listen to the scare tactics in the end and went through with my VBAC.
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