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    kylie J Guest

    Extreme back ache


    Hi Everyone,

    Is there anyone who is suffering from back pain like me.It's just terrible.
    I'm only at 31 weeks(due in August) and suffered the worst back pain I have ever had the other night.I ended up sleeping sitting up as I couldn't lay on either sides or on my back. My hubbie gave me a massage but really hasn't helped, would a bath help?

    Does anyone have any helpful suggestions to releive my back pain.I still have 2 months to go and really need some advice to get through it.

    We have to go through it all, don't we??

    Love Kyles.

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    Alyson Guest


    Kylie............I know how you feel girl...I get and have the most painful backaches all day long but they start from the moment i wake up...I sleep sitting up too....My doctor told me to try a heating pad on very low and NOT for long....and i find it helps a LITTLE....thats all the advice i have for now....try it, and see if that helps even a little...

    hope you feel better...


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    carmen Guest

    Hi Kyles

    We had our first birth class last night and they covered back pain - they suggested a warm (not too hot) bath, heat packs (or hot water bottle), a massage and trying to improve your posture.

    Since your centre of gravity has moved they said that many people tend to overcompensate by leaning back more which can also cause back pain.

    Hope that helps


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    Melinda Guest

    I can totally sympathise! I've had a bad back now for many many years and am a poor sleeper to boot, so the PG has knocked me around quite a bit. I must say I'm not as bad as I thought I may be, although my physiotherapist did say to me that it was a possibility that my back would be WORSE after the birth than during the PG! NOOOO!!

    Anyway, I certainly have times where I can barely walk or move and am in agony. Heat is a great thing, so yeah, a nice warm bath or a shower are great. Have you considered seeing a physiotherapist? A lot of women will see one during PG for back pain - they may be able to give you some specific to your situation that might help as everybody is different. I also try to swim regularly as the feeling of weightlessness is really lovely, but it's also a great exercise for a bad back anyway, but particularly good during PG.

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    Pietta Guest

    I have been seeing a Chiropractor for about 2 years and I have always had a really stuffed back and always woke up with sore neck etc. At the moment though my lower back is awfully painful when i walk too much or do too much exercise. I still think i am super woman!! lol.

    What seems to work for me is rolling onto my side with one leg slightly bent and relaxing when pain is at it's peak. Of course this doesnt always work coz baby might be angry with me moving there!!

    I know that panadol is okay in preg so maybe you could try one a day of them?

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    Orkids Guest

    I havent even hit the third trimester yet, and I have back problems too. I see a myotherapist who gives me a massage once a month.

    Its great because she relieves a lot of the muscle pain I get in my back. She is a bit limited to what she can do while you're pregnant though. She works on me while I sit and lie on my sides, and she wont work on one area of my back. My main problem isnt so much with my back but with my hips, I can hardly walk sometimes with the pain in gluteas maximus.

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    Melinda Guest

    I hear ya Jess! I have problems in my sacro-illiac joints. My physiotherapist believes that the lower back problems I have are largely as a result of that in fact. I get a lot of pain in my bum too and it makes it really hard to do anything at times!!! I've been having back problems for about 10 years now so there's now quick fix for me I'm afraid either!

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    Orkids Guest

    Thats it Tootie - I just know it as the SI joint and I didnt mention it in case anyone asked what SI meant!! LOL Its always been a problem for me, and if I dont get a regular massage it'll cease up and I end up bent over like an old woman, and crooked from the hips (bent over to one side) and unable to walk for a week. Its just horrible isnt it?

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    Melinda Guest

    It's horrible alright! As a result of it being such a long term problem, I've had slipped discs and significant problems in my lower back GRRRR

    I've had to use crutches to walk in the past too - I haven't been able to walk at all without them (now that certainly makes you feel like an old lady LOL)

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    Orkids Guest

    OMG - you obviously have it a lot worse than me. You make sure you look after yourself!!

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    Melinda Guest

    Thanks Jess - I try! LOL