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Thread: Gestational Diabetes - info needed urgently

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    Unhappy Gestational Diabetes - info needed urgently


    My B.F. has just got the news that she has gestational diabetes, needless to say (1st pregnancy) she is worried sick at the unknown....

    we have doen some reading on the net but we are intrested to hear formladies who have had this and may be able to ease her mind a bit - she is so stressed out that she is some how to blame and that she has hurt her unborn daughter .

    The hospital said the baby is the right size for age..

    any info would be very much appreciated

    She is 30 weeks pregnant this saturday

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    I had GD and it was a lifestyle diet for me. I was already eating very healthy foods, but this did not seem to matter, so tell her not to worry. You can still do everything right and still get it. My cousin has type one Diabetes so it can be a family thing.

    I just ate fresh vegies and fruit and i was told to eat 6 smaller meals to keep my blood sugar levels stable all day. I only ever ate 3 meals so this was a big change for me. No fruit juice or anything with high amounts of natural sugar, grapes that sort of thing.

    I was fine after delivery and so was baby. Just have to keep healthy so i dont develop Diabetes down the track.

    I hope this helps....

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    I had GD and had similar guilt feelings, thinking it may have been my fault. I saw a fantastic diabetes educator who assured me it was not my fault and given my family history of type 2 diabetes and GD it was always on the cards. I regularly saw my OB, diabetes specialist and nutritionist and followed their guidelines to a T. this included eating every 2 hours, incl a small amount of carbs in every meal and generally ensuring no unnecessary fats were in my diet. My diet generally consisted of cereal for breakfast/ 2 slices of toast mid morning/sandwich or salad for lunch plus small piece of fruit/yoghurt afternoon tea and low fat meal for dinner that included small amount of pasta or sweet potato or potato. The first week or 2 were difficult as i really craved sweet foods but eating every 2 hours helped the cravings. It was such a healthy way of eating and i have actually tried to continue the diet post baby. The good news - my baby was born at 2.5 kilos (yes, even a little on the small side!), and she did not have to go to special care after birth. The baby is subject to blood sugar level tests after the birth but my DD didn't ever notice the heel *****s. I checked my blood sugar levels 4 times a day until her birth and let me tell you I was so glad to see the end of that after DD's birth. Exercise is also very beneficial and I was advised to finish work early due to the highly stressed job i was doing. These both did wonders for my blood sugar levels. When i was first diagnosed they warned me I would be insulin dependent in the last month of pregnancy due to how high my blood sugar levels were but seriously following the recommended dietary and exercise guidelines helped this not to happen. Please understand the above is completely my experience but I hope it helps your friend.

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    GD is more common in the first pregnancy and is caused by many things. Most of them are no ones fault it just happens.
    Why not tell this friend of yours to log in and have a chat

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    Debbie has given such wonderful advice. I was diagnosed with GD at 27 weeks, just boarderline (this is my first pg.) As debbie said, there are alot of factors why you develop GD. I am at higher risk b/c of family history of type 2 diabetes, my age and being overweight. I am on diet monitoring atm and overall I have been able to keep it fairly under control. I go back to the dietician next week and hopefully they will allow me to keep diet monitoring rather than go on insulin. Eating small regular meals with low GI foods and walking/exercise after meals is the key.

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