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    Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on something small to get my husband for when our bub is born in about 2 weeks. I was thinking about buying some pj's for him and getting something stitched on the front. But what?

    Any ideas very much appreciated

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    My gift was going through my c section and giving him a baby....that isnt enough?lol

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    I bought my H some baby bath stuff for xmas from our bubba- a lot of Dad's seem to love bonding over bath time so this could be nice.

    Otherwise- I agree that a baby is damn fine gift

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    I thought about giving mine a gift, too. Or, well, "letting" him spend some money on himself guilt-free, since he earns it in the first place. No idea what, though....??

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    this is quiet funny to me, because my husband has the idea he has to buy me something whenever we have a baby because I went through so much! lol. But thats a nice idea to get daddy something too. For our first babies Xmas I got him an aluminium stubby cooler with a beautiful photo of him and his new daughter in the hospital together printed on the front, and text that read "two alike" cause they look the same! men seem to like fishing and beer haha I brought him a beach rod for a wedding gift too lol.

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    I right with you on that one BEAUTIFULMADNESS .... After giving vag birth without any drugs at 40yrs of age with my 1st bub with scoring high blood pressure, back pain from my slipped disc & then found out two wks b4 giving birth I two gallstones, ... Yep, I reckon no gift could compare, LOL

    ... Did I mention I got NO Valentine's card when I was pregnant & my very 1st Mother's Day I got a block of chocolate, HEY but it was a big block, LOL

    ... Hey, CURIOUS how about putting MY DADDY or MR MUM or I LOVE MY DADDY on the P.J's ???

    I gave my partner a little golden book about a Daddy bear & little bear. And I wrote a letter inside the book from the bub-to-be mentioning that they couldn't wait to meet their Daddy & for their Daddy to read them the book when they arrive

    Angus & Robertson bookshop has a ton of books in the Kids area about Dad or Daddy's mentioned on the book TITLE !!! There are some gorgeous one's there. Why not put one with the P.J's ?? There is one with a Father on the front cover in his P.J's & dressing gown it's called "MY DAD" by author Anthony Browne

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    Sorry curious, can't help you there - although the idea of a children's book is a very nice one - but after receiving nothing from DH last time (not even flowers), I've informed him that I expect a maternity gift this time. He's agreed, but has given me the job of choosing it... oh well.

    Smiles, I sympathise with you on the mother's day thing. DH doesn't 'believe' in it so what I do each year is buy myself a gift and make a point of telling him! This way I not only get something, but get something I actually want.

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    I don't know about you girls, but I think the tradition of the men going out drinking with thier mates to "wet the baby's head" is enough of a gift for my DH!!

    Oh, What I'd give for a nice glass of wine.

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    Hi All,

    Though I'd let you know that I settled on getting DH a new pair of Pj's and am having DAD 08 printed on the front of the t-shirt.

    I also agree that giving him a baby is probably present enough but so much of this pregnancy has been about me and how I am feeling that I wanted him to feel important too.

    Hope everyone is well,

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