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Thread: Glucose Test Q

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    Hi mum to be, you had the full glucose test, which is what I now have to go back for. Apparently that one is more accurate. Let's hope my sugars are all okay by tomorrow. Hope your test results are favourable.

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    Do you think I could have a coffee today? I am going for my test tomorrow. I dont take sugar either.

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    Moglie - I'm not too sure if you can have coffee or not. I dont see it has a problem cause you arent having sugar in it, but this is coming from someone that has never done this before.

    Avoid any fruit for 24 hrs?! Ahhh, this is all that I brought to work today. LOL I think I might need to go up to the shops and buy some other stuff to buy, hopefully I will be able to stay away from the chocolate isle

    Can water be drunk during the fasting? My slip says no food, drinking or smoking.

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