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Thread: Is it going to happen soon?

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    Default Is it going to happen soon?

    Well im currently 37 wks 5 days pregnant today..... I had my DD at 38 wks and never really had any of this happen when i had her just went for a walk one day and ended up in labour....oops....
    Well im just wondering if what im experiencing is the start of labour going to come soon ....
    I have been getting heartburn really bad and havent had it till now, leg cramps everynight, braxton hicks more frequent and more painful and have lost some of my mucous plug about 3 times today and have lost a bit previously aswell....
    So just wondering weather its coming soon or not? i hope so

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    Sorry, I have absolutely no experience in this matter, just posting to say GOOD LUCK!!

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    Yeah me neither, sending positive labour vibes your way!
    Oh and come and join us in the young parents thread, so we can get to know you better!

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    Well...the BH, leg cramps and heartburn don't suggest labour is coming necessarily but the mucous plug thing might, for sure!

    how're you doing?

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    You have some good signs of pre labor happening there. Unfortunately loosing parts or your whole MP doesn't neccessarliy mean labor is going to start anytime soon, but it also means it might. There is no way of telling when labor is going to start. Some women have several weeks of pre labor, even go for weeks after loosing their whole MP, but then some, have no pre labor, no show, no BH, and their waters break or contractions start. The good thing to realise is that any pre labor means your body is preparing itself for the big show!! So things are getting close and looking good for you. How exciting. Good luck.

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