thread: Got zapped on electric fence - should I worry?

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    Got zapped on electric fence - should I worry?

    Does anyone know if that is something I should be going to the OB for? I just lightly brushed my arm on the hot tape today, got a mild shock that I only felt in that arm. Bub is still moving etc (I'm 30 weeks), but yeah, anyone else done that or know if I should panic? I have rand my OB but he is at the hospital so have to wait till a bit later to speak to him.

    I feel fine, was a mild shock -compared to if I had grabbed the hot tape etc...

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    You should be fine. usually they aren't that high a voltage to do much harm, but if you are worried then ask your OB about it, if for nothing else but to ease your mind.

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    I agree with Sherie. You will be fine

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    My friend had the same thing happen late into her pregnancy. She rushed off to her OB and she and her baby were just fine and I'm sure your bub will be too.

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