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Thread: gurgling, bubbly sound WTH!!?

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    Question gurgling, bubbly sound WTH!!?

    I'm hoping that someone else has experienced this too!

    Lying in bed this morning on my back with my girl sound asleep beside me-bit of a sleep in this morning which is pretty rarish! Anyway lying awake on my back & I hear this gurgling kind of sound in my tummy just on the right side ! And I'm thinking WTH! Could bub have had wind do you think? Sounded all bubbly. I was a bit worried but shortly after he kicked and has been moving around today very well...
    Okay just thought I'd ask & see who can tell me with some certainty what it was

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    Our bellies are full of sorts of sounds aren't they?

    I remember that sound a few times from my last pregnancy! and sometimes it sounded like little popping noises. I assumed it was all normal

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    Ive had that too and I think it is probably your own intestines. (Not very exciting I know). As the womb gets so big all the intestines are pushed out towards the sides more than normal and things pass more slowly through too. I had what I thought were labour type cramps but the doctor told me it was just bowel cramps cause the intestines just about surround the uterus by this stage. Unglamorous but good to know I guess.

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