thread: Has your belly button popped?

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    Jan 2007

    Has your belly button popped?

    I am really curious to know if most belly buttons pop out. My belly button is usually like the abyss but there isn't much left of it now and with just over 3 weeks to go, wonder if it will pop.

    If yours popped, how far along were you and how long does it take to go back in?

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    May 2007
    Brisbane, Australia

    I've got an "innie" and it's just flat now. It was flat the first time round too.

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    May 2007
    Canberra, ACT

    My belly button never popped... I was always looking forward to that happening... I'm a bigger girl so I guess that's why it didn't happen... Although I wasn't big with DD and it didn't happen then either...

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    Sep 2007

    Mine took a while, but it got increasingly shallow and is finally flat with the top edge protruding a bit. (I'm 40 weeks today - I think that this one might go a little over...!)

    It's nowhere near as 'outie' as some women get. I wonder if it is because my bub is posterior (back against right side), which usually means that the front of the belly stays a little flatter than when they are anterior?

    Not that it's the end of the world, but I hope that mine goes back properly, I had such a cute little belly button... (LOL)!!

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    May 2007
    Perth, WA

    Mine is out a tiny bit at 38 weekss. When I laugh, push my tummy out or lean forward it sticks out more. But I wouldn't say it has popped. I asked the same question in the 2nd trimester forum when I was about 25 weeks and a number of ladies replied that theirs never popped!

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    Jun 2007

    Mine has popped and I am only 25 weeks... looks terrible when wearing tight shirts lol

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    Oct 2006

    Mine never did. Kinda disappointing.

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    Nov 2007
    Eastern Melbourne

    Mine popped out around 20-25 weeks, I was tiny before falling pregnant and had a very flat tummy.

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    Aug 2007

    Mine is still an "innie".

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    May 2007

    yes mine did about aww 25 weeks maybe..i cant remember.but i was told by mr dr that i have a hernia because it was really painful at first and still is now at times..it also popped out with my first pregnancy and went back to normal straight away

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    mine has slightly but not too much and i am 34 weeks!

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    Apr 2007
    Sydney, NSW

    I;m 25 weeks and on the way to pop out.. any time now

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    Sep 2005
    South Coast NSW

    Mine popped with DS1 not with DS2. I had a hernia with DS1 too.... i cant remember when it Popped tho

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    Enchanted Guest

    Mine just went flat.

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    Jun 2007

    MIne never popped but if i put any pressure around it i could make it pop,lol. It was my preggy party trick. It was almost flat but not quite. I cant make it do it now and bub is 5 days old. I assume that when bub is out and your uterus shrinks it will go back in etc if it does pop.

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    Oct 2006
    North Lakes, Brisbane

    I'm coming up to 35 weeks and an mine has just gone flat. I'm hoping it doesnt pop though.

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    Jan 2007

    Thanks for your replies. Hoody I had a big giggle over your party trick. Mine is so sensitive that I won't let DH anywhere near it. Mine has nearly gone flat but if I eat too much then it comes out more.

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    Nov 2007

    Hate to crash this thread as i am only 7 weeks
    I have an umbilical hernia so mine popped with bub number 3 at about 20 weeks and has stayed that way
    I was booked to have an op but got pregnant again

    I just wanted to let you all know if you have been told you have a hernia get it checked out when you have had bub if you still have discomfort!


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