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Thread: Head Cold/ Sinus - what to take

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    Unhappy Head Cold/ Sinus - what to take

    Hi all,

    well still haven't gone into labour and woke up this morning with head cold/sinus. My head feels so stuffy, my nose is blocked and runs like a tap, and keep sneezing it is driving me up the wall.

    To make matters worse my due date is tomorrow Sunday 11/11 by my dates so i'm a bit concerned that i'm going to go into labour and be unwell with this stupid cold. MW and doc are going by my scan dates of the 13/11, so hopefully if nothing happens during the middle of the night or sometime tomorrow I will go between mon and tuesday and hopfully be feeling a bit better.

    But i'm frustrated that there is really nothing i can do or take to help clear this, I normally take sudafed - but i know that I can't take this so I've just been taking paracetamol and hopefully this will work eventually. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Oh you poor thing - i suffer from sinus issues too and it's awful when you're pregnant and can't take anything
    I found inhaling vicks over boiling water (with tea towel over head) worked well for a bit of relief.
    I was told by one pharmasist that i could take the sudafed PE as it doesn't have pseudo-something-or-other(whatever that big word is!)!! But i still didn't like to take it.
    Other than that, lots of rest, water and oranges! Lemon and honey tea might help soothe the throat?
    Hope you're feeling better soon xx

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    The best thing I found was a vapouriser running all day and night in my room with some Vicks in it. Sucking on Vapourdrops always cleared me up too.

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    Nasal spray and good old butter menthols or Vicks vapodrops. Double check about taking Polaramine to help stop sneezing and watery eyes. I took some recently for a nasty head cold and was told it was safe.

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    hopefullmum2b Guest


    Hi everyone,

    thanks for your replies, i did the vicks and boiling water thing last night before going to bed and had the best night sleep in weeks. No signs of labour yet
    But wish I was, hopefully I go into labour before the end of the week.

    Thanks again everyone.

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