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    Yeah, I think you're right... Strange how it can just stop like that, I thought that once they broke that was it. I must have broken both my hind and forewaters to gush like I did. If you were checked by both the Dr and MW and he's moving heaps I wouldn't worry at all.

    Lesley - your waters should be a clear liquid but sometimes they can be a greeny (meconium staining if the baby's a little distressed) or pinky colour. You should be able to tell what it is by the smell.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    It was just clear Lesley, I think alot like the forewaters are.

    I would reccommend though going to the Dr if you have ANY leak at all. You never know... If it's the forewaters the hospital will give you 24hrs to have contractions, if they don't start you'll be induced, cos the risk of infection is pretty high if your waters have broken. At least that's what the midwife told me on Friday.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi again

    when my waters broke they too gushed and kept leaking even 3hrs later on the way to hospital i had 3 pads on and sat on a towel in the car and they still went through - i remember walking down to the labour ward like i had been riding a horse for days it was horrible. my ob/gyn also mentioned the induction was necessary cause of infection (i didn't want to say earlier as i didn't want to freak you out - i gathered your carers would have given you the options) my g/friend also had leaking for around 1 wk (but somehow did not ring m/wives of ob) and her bubs was placed in special care for a few days - this may have been also that my g/f also had strep b infection not sure.

    when my waters broke with lani they were stained a yellowy colour as she did meconium (sp?) when she was delivered they said the placenta was also stained so she may have done it a few days prior cause it looked like an old stain.

    good luck

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    Feb 2004

    Sarah - my midwife told me that you'd know if the forewaters broke as it's a '2 towel job', meaning you'd need too towels to absorb the fluid.

    Didn't realise what she meant until the ob broke my waters when I was in hospital and I got up to go to the toilet, fluid just gushes out and keeps gushing, it's like someone has turned on a tap inside of you. The hindwaters seems like a bit of fluid at the time, but it's not really.

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    Jul 2004

    My waters broke at 11pm the night before i had Lily and it gushed everywhere! I got up to go have a shower to clean myself up, after i got out of the shower it gushed again lol, so had to hop back in and clean myself up. Had another big gush about 8am the next morning and between the gushes it just kept leaking like a tap until i had her 16hrs later! I swear i must of had a swimming pool in there coz there was sooo much fluid it was unbelieveable!

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    My hind waters broke as I went to bed on Tuesday night (Maddy was already 5 days over), it was like a constant trickle for a few minutes, but stopped we called Hospital & they said sounds like Hind waters, so try get some sleep but if a gush of water that does not stop happens then come in. Well I tried hard to sleep & had mild contractions alnight, but nothing major, I remember not sleeping & on Wednesday morning contractions were harder but about 20 mins apart, on Wed night I was exhausted & wanted things checked out, so they took swabs etc & all was fine & sent me home with panadeine forte, I did not take them but ate dinner & went to bed, but again couldn't sleep for fear & excitement!
    At about 10pm, my forewaters broke & this was a 2 towel job!
    I sat over the bath letting it run away, Mum came in & found me there, she called hospital but as I was not having contractions the said try to rest & we will see you in morning, but I couldn't sleep & so at 5am I nagged Mum to take me to Hospital. I was wearing a pad & the fluid was now greenish due to maddison being stressed, so I was induced & it happened really quickly from there!
    I was initially given to bags of electrolytes as I had no energy, but managed to push her out by lunch time!

    So I'd say it's getting close!

    Best Wishes!!!!

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    Feb 2004

    Thanks everyone Still nothing happening yet *sigh*

    Like you said Nell,, it did seem like a lot of fluid at the time, but definately not a 2 towel job!