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Thread: How big is the carry bag?!

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    When I gave birth to my first DS, i was only at week 28.
    I had no bag packed, and nothing ready, as it was an emergency, and i was rushed 4 hours away to brisbane womens hospital,,,and was not alowed to go home for anything.
    My DH packed my bag for me as he was to follow the ambulance.
    The assortment of clothing he brought me was attrocious.
    It included underwire bras (which i had not worn since before i got preggers), maternity dresses I had never even worn as I was no way big enough to wear them yet, An old pair of shoes that had just been waiting till we visited the dump to throw away, and one pair of trackpants,,,,,,it was July, and freezing,,so that is all the warm clothing i had.
    I totally understand wanting to have everything in the right place before the happy event, as my first time was a perfect example of what NOT TO PACK LOL

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    Well i am packing my hosp bag soon, within the next few weeks. I know DF is good at finding things but i like to be prepared. Also having it all in one spot sounds good too, so then its just grab and go. Good idea ladies. I am going to put it all in a suitcase so then its easy access.

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    My bag was huge. I had everything in case I ended up with a c/s. The only thing we forgot was the camera!! DH had to take photos with his phone, which we can't for some reason download onto the computer LOL!

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    o wow...n there i thought that all i needed was a small bag to stuff everything in!! looks like i dont have to worry then - i got lots of huge suitcases coz when i travel, i dont travel light!! lol plus i expect to be in the hosp for abt 4 days being private n all.

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