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thread: I wish they told me....

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    Jan 2010

    that I will feel like it's 40 degrees all the time
    carpal tunnel!!
    round ligament pain
    some kicks can be very painful, and having baby jumping around constantly isn't always pleasant
    You can't eat anything you want particularly if you're already overweight! You should probably start being careful with your diet early because GD isn't fun!!
    My allergies will be 10 times worse, and the only things I can take don't work
    Leg cramps at night that can end in tears
    I will be completely exhausted most of the time

    wanting to fall pregnant for 5+ years will not mean I will automatically love being pregnant....

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    Jan 2008

    That it would be very uncomfortable to wipe your bum :P ... Seriously

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    Sep 2008

    That people rubbing your belly without permission would DRIVE YOU INSANE

    Personal Space People!!!!

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    Nov 2008
    on the verge of greatness!

    that when you buy maternity clothes, buy it so you can also breastfeed in it as well! saves you heaps $$$

    and always, always always have a pillow (or 4) between your legs to keep your hips even, or you'll pay for sore and overstretched hip muscles for days.

    teach DH how to maintain "down there" cos you can see a figgin thing past 20 weeks!

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    Jun 2010
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    That heartburn just gets worse and worse with every pregnancy (maybe that's just me)
    That it's different EVERY time
    That one hour you can be wishing your baby would stop kicking you in a certain way and then a few hours later bumping it around just to feel it move cause now your worried....

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    Jan 2009
    Raby, NSW

    how extreamily hormonal you'd be. For example, crying because the butter was put on the wrong shelf in the fridge.

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