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    Hi everyone,

    Im 40 weeks preg now, and im schedule for induction tomorrow my due date is on Friday!..Quite scared as its my first baby...And my ob scheduled me for induction for i really dont feel labor pains, just stiff and bearable pains.

    Any suggestion if ill go ahead with the induction or rather have a caesarean...



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    Sorry I don't understand what you mean? Are you asking if you should have an induction or caesarean?
    Kelly xx

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    G'day Shar,

    Why either? Did you know that only 5% of women give birth on their due date? That means 95% don't! So why an induction? Most hospitals work on a due date + ten days before considering an induction.

    And if you got your conception date slightly off, you may not be due for weeks!

    Inductions are not easy, nor are caesareans, and neither are good for you or your baby, unless absolutely necessary.

    Perhaps you need to find out a few more reasons why it is recommended that you be induced before agreeing to it.

    All the best,


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    Yeah Shar, how come you're being induced? If you're not due til Friday, I would have thought they'd give bubs some more time to come on his/her own!

    All the best with whatever decision you make, but maybe ask your ob if you can give it some more time? As long as nothing is wrong, and baby is still doing well, perhaps you could give the baby a bit more time to come when it's ready.
    Good luck, and take care

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    Hi Shar,

    It was suggested to me that I be induced however I was definitely over 41 weeks at the time (and we were very sure about this as it was an IVF baby). Did the doctor do any checks such as looking at the levels of amniotic fluid around the baby? This will give you an idea of whether the baby has enough resources to stay in there a bit longer and give labour a chance to start on its own. If it looks like there is a problem or some kind of medical concern, you can always opt for induction or caesar but this should be your own choice, not a decision made without proper consultation with you. There are also forums on here where people discuss inductions and caesars and it might be worth a look, if you would like to see how the experience has been for others.

    Best of luck. It is an anxious time when you have your first baby but such a great moment when you finally get to meet them face to face!


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    I was induced and ended up having a c/s and let me tell you nether are easy. Wonder why your ob is inducing you if your only due on friday.Weird!

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