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    Hi everyone,

    just like to ask if anyone has been induced in their previous delivery. I'm 40 weeks now and our little bundle of joy hasn't gone down yet.: My OB said she'll schedule me next week for our induction if there are no developments. Grateful to know your induction experiences.

    any suggestions for natural methods aside from sex,spicy foods and long walks.

    Many thanks!

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    Evening primrose oil, caulophylum tablets, running, fresh pineapple, starting a 30-book long series of books... all didn't work for me.

    37-42w is normal, you can wait another two weeks before you're overdue, so if you don't want an induction next week just remember they can't force you to have one and you're not late at 41w.

    If you read the end of my pg diary you can see what I tried as I think I did every old wives' tale ever. Also there's a good article on the main site about induction methods.

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    Yvette, i was induced and really wish I hadn't been. My waters broke Tues morning but no contractions. I was booked to be induced Wed am if nothing happened. I finally began to have contractions 3 hours before induction time but at 8am they weren't happy with them so up went the drip. My contractions were hard and fast with no rest between them. I didn't cope very well and went into distress but managed about 5 hours with just gas and pethadine then epidural was inserted and went another 3 hours before having an emergency c-sect. I was restricted to the bed during my labour which contributed greatly to the painful contractions. I was allowed up for the loo and had several contractions when "commuting" and whilst on the loo and they were a thousand times easier to handle. I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you. There are plenty of women who have had positive induction experiences including a couple from my due thread. I hope your bubba decides to come and meet you soon and you can avoid induction.

    There were a couple of other threads on inductions... I know I commenced one and I think Emma did as well... let me see if I can find them...



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    MG, I agree, the monitoring was the worst thing and turns a nice, happy labour into a horrid one! I was on my back with the d*mn thing on for so long DS turned round to back-to-back during labour.

    If this happens to you, Yvette, you can be monitored whilst kneeling; get your midwife and birth partner to help you turn around.

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    Yvette, I was induced and the whole thing went FINE! It's so different for everyone and every baby.

    I was 41 weeks and 3 days over, and welcomed the induction actually because a) I lived 45 mins from the hospital and was worried about a crazy long drive through Sydney peak hour traffic should I go into labour on my own, and b) also because everyone was predicting the baby would be big and I didn't want her to get any bigger and the exit to become any more difficult.

    Long story short, I was induced at 7am, waters artificially broken, syntocinon drip in, labour was officially recorded as starting at 3pm, yes it was full on but whose labour isn't, I had gas and an epidural, and pushed out my big (9 pounds 5 or 4.2kg) baby girl with little drama at 9.30pm.

    If you have to be induced I hope yours goes as smoothly as mine! Fingers crossed, look forward to hearing the outcome.


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    Hi Yvette,
    Acupuncture can be used to induce as it stimulates certains points to get your own body producing the hormones (these are the same points they avoid during pregnancy as you don't want to cause early labour). If it comes to induction for me, I am going to try this first. If you go this way though, make sure you use a reputable acupuncturist who is fully qualified and also experienced in obstetric/gynaecological acupuncture.

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    I was induced for both my pregnancies - due to high BP. Sure, it hurt alot, but i managed to get through it with gas and pethidine. I was hooked up to the monitors - but all i wanted to do was lay down because i was so tired. The midwives tried to find other positions for me (sitting on a ball) but i just wanted to lay down.
    hope everything goes well for you.

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    I havent been induced but you are entitled to say no. Because my blood is odd the ob wanted to either induce me or do a caesar at 38 weeks with DS #2. I flat out refused. I said if there is no medical reason for it then he can come when his ready. Sorry. Lol.

    No your rights and be strong. I dont think being induced would be very fun. I cant imagine it to be a pleasant experience for mum or bub. Good luck.

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