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Thread: Iodine Deficiency?

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    Default Iodine Deficiency?

    I don't have a confirmed deficiency but I do know that we live in an Iodine deficient world at the moment. I know Blackmores have iodine in their preg and BF tablets, but I have just started a new box of Elevit and I'm not about to waste them and get the others. I know there is also Iodised salt to add to your food. I bought some of this stuff early in pregnancy but I just don't add salt to my food or cooking, if I do I find it too salty.

    Does anyone have any other ideas of how to get iodine in to my diet?

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    I believe seafood and kelp have the highest concentrations of iodine in them so if you eat these regularly you are very unlikely to have a deficiency.

    Eggs, meat and dairy products contain iodine so if you are including plenty of these in your diet you should be fine, particularly if you are using iodised salt.

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    you only need a very small amount of iodine - even if you use iodised salt in your cooking thsi shoudl be sufficient.

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