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    hi all ,

    just saying hi and checking in. I'm still waiting for our little man to arrive - getting frustrated now. Make things worse I have like a rash on my tummy over my awful stretch marks that is all read and bummpy like. I just want to meet my little man, i have an appointment at the clinic this Friday with one of the doctors but hopefully i will go in the next couple of days. Can anyone else sympathise with me ??

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    Bec, have yo checked out the Post-Dates Chatter thread [url=]here[/url], the girls there can sympathise I'm sure

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    I can sympathise with you Bec - and mine isn't even due for another 3 days!

    Rationally I know that he'll come out when he's ready, but I'm getting really excited to meet him. I have felt quite uncomfortable for the last 3 weeks (lots of BH and cramps, really really sore swollen feet). I tell myself that it's all for a good cause and see the cramps as good 'warm up' - so 99% of the time I've been able to stay really positive, but the remaining 1% I just want to stamp my foot and have a big tanty.

    And finally I lost it the other night at 2:30 in the morning when I couldn't get to sleep for the umpteenth night in a row, and it was hot and I was itchy and tired and it was driving me nuts. My DP, luckily for him, resisted the urge to p**s himself laughing at me - later he said it was so funny to see me have this big huge dummy spit, but he was very sympathetic at the time!

    But you know what, I felt SOOO much better afterwards!! Hang in there - and have a good big vent if you feel like it!

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