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Thread: Kidney infection??

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    Default Kidney infection??

    Hi everyone

    I was just wondering if anyone could let me know what the symptoms of a kidney infection are?? I have been getting hot flushes, not conctantly feeling hot, and bad pain in the back of my ribs on the right hand side. My heat pack doesnt help it at all. Or is my baby just pushing on my back in that spot???


    Lea x

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    It sounds like it could be an infection? I had that pain when I was about 30 weeks and it went after a few days. My doctor thought it could have been a urinary tract infection but it had gone by the time i made it to the doc.

    I'd go to the doctor, they'll do a urine test.

    If you think the baby is pushing on your kidney area try getting down on all fours to relieve the pressure?

    Good luck, hope it's not serious...

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    lea, I had a UTI 2 weeks ago, really painful too. When I went to the loo, I had the urge to push like I was in labour, but had no stinging or burning. I went to the GP, who did a urine test, told me there were traces of blood and gave me some anti-bitotics. My back was hurting a little with it as well. The week before I had a sore back, around my kidney area, but we (DH and I) put it down to bub's position.
    Maybe go and see a GP if you can, at least to put your mind at ease..


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    Thanks girls

    The pain seems to have subsided a bit today, but i'll go and get checked for an infection anyway, just to be safe.

    Thanks again,

    Lea x

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