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Thread: Low iron and blood count

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    Mummahol Guest

    Default Low iron and blood count

    As well as having high blood sugar, i also have low iron and blood levels. Does anyone have any tips on how to get it up. I have eight weeks to go and have to have an elective caesar so really I need all of the blood and advice that I can get!!

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    um i dont really know. My sis has low iron and shes on iron tablets. Are u taking vitamins???

    Iron rich foods -
    - Brocolli
    - Spinich
    - Tofu
    - Tomatoes
    -Lean meat (beef, veal, lamb and pork)
    -Liver, Kidney and heart are particularly rich sources
    -Chicken, other poultry and fish
    -Ready-to-eat breakfast cereals
    -Rolled oats, rice and paste
    -Legumes (baked beans, dried peas, beans and lentils)
    -Potatoes and vegetables, particularly peas, beans and broad beans
    -Dried Fruit

    Excessive amounts of tea, coffee and bran can dramatically reduce iron levels

    Low blood levels is linked to the low iron levels. Eat some more of them foods and ask ur doc about taking a supliment (sp?) ...

    HTH good luck xox

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    Check with your pharmacist or GP but Ferrograd C (has the Vit C to help absorbtion in it) is what I should be taking since I lost a bit of blood during my c/s. My levels are at around 21 adn I have been feeling dizzy and faint for the last few days and I think this is the cause!
    Good luck!

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    Ellibam Guest


    blooms organic iron supplement is good to(it has vit c so absorbtion is aided)
    and it tastes like ribena. i got it after arquene was born.

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    I've found Spatone very good as an iron suppliment. You can get it at health food stores- has quite good absorbability (is that a word?!) and in juice you dont really taste it, and doesnt tend to have some of the side effects of other iron suppliments. It is expensive, though!

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    Mummahol Guest


    thanks for that everyone....currently I'm taking Fefol and Ferrer-Grad C but it doesn't seem to be doing a great deal. So I will talk with the OB about the other supplements that have been mentioned. I already have a very good diet as I have always been big on nutrition but it doesn't seem to be enough at the moment.
    thanks again, Hol

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    I am also low in iron and my OB said to take Ferroliquid which basically is iron in liquid form that is very easily absorbed. I was told to take 20ml a day but you do have to take it through a straw otherwise you will stain your teeth bright yellow - great look! I was feeling very faint and extremely tired before starting this and it has worked really well.

    Good luck!

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