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Thread: My Dr stripped my membranes

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    Question My Dr stripped my membranes

    Hi everyone. Well, the wait is almost over. I'm really getting excited. I just wanted to see if anyone has had this done with success and/or get your thoughts about my situation.

    I went in for my 40wk appt (hopefully last one) yesterday and i'm dilated 2 cm and 80% effaced. Baby's head is right there at -1 station. My DR decided to strip my membranes in order to get things progressing. (which was a bit painful I must say). She said that if this works to get labor started I should go into labor within 1-2 days. I have noticed the contractions are more intense than I have been having but not regular enough for me to think it's actually starting yet.

    Has anyone had this done and went on to have the baby soon after?

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    I had this done on Monday and i have been waiting waiting waiting. I have lost most of my my plug and have had a few false alarms but still here.... With my DD2 i had one done and went into labour 2 days later, so i guess every time is different.

    Good luck, you are nearly there.....

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    i had it done with my 3rd i was 4cm dilated an 80% effaced an bubs head was right there i went another 4 days befor i went into labor good luck it will happen

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    well, just an update. it's been about 4 days since my doc did the procedure and still no baby. i was so sure that i was going to go at anytime because i had some cramping and more intense contractions for the first two days. But now, not many contractions, and I feel like I will be pregnant forever! Just goes to show that babies come when they are ready. Thanks girls for the info. Wish me luck!

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