ok- with my recent bout with early labour I thought I would write down what happened to me symptom wise so others can possibly pick up the signs and not be as stubborn as I was (I refused to go back to the hospital LOL I was rather annoyed!!!)

1. The first thing that was noticed was that I was REALLY pale (like read Ash white) and looked ill...I felt fine but obviously there was something wrong.
2. The second thing I noticed was my braxton hicks were getting more powerful and more often (probably every 1/2 hour when they started)
3. The third and most improtant thing for me I think was that my vagina swelled really large, was painful to the touch and very "moist", it was completely different to normal. This makes sense to me as a sign of impending labour as most animals swell "down there" when they are nearly ready to drop their bub's.
4. The fourth sign was the fact that my contractions were pretty much 5-6 minutes apart and getting closer (often 2-3 minutes apart) and they begin to hurt like period cramps...enough to make me squirm a little on the stronger ones.
5. The fifth sign was that these contractions didn't stop!!! no matter what I did (ie laid down, walked etc)
6. The final sign was that I was REALLY waddling, as in like a duck....my legs just wouldn't work properly!! I'm sure this was the hormones loosening up my pelvis ready for action.

Now that they stopped labout ALL of the signs have dissapeared including the waddling and the swolen vagina...so I am convinced that if I had not have gone to the hospital or if they had not sent me out that I would have delivered my baby on Monday morning....I feel the diference in my body from then compared to now...I am now back to normal before this all started and that's the only reason I'm comfortable in going back home, because I know my body is not preparing to deliver my baby any time soon.

I think I've been lucky to have a trial run as I know what to expect now lol!!! I'm hoping that in another 7-8 weeks (bub will be two weeks early LOL) I can go through it all again the proper way !!!

Though it might be helpful for some of you girls not knowing what to expect and it might help you to recognise the signs earlier and take action....

My biggest advice is take notice of what your body says, pack your hospital bag now in case of an emergency and fight for your rights if the doctors dismiss you. YOU know your body best not them...it's just a matter of being aware of the changes and recognising them...