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    Oct 2003
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    I would just like to hear some nesting stories from those of you out there.

    Let me explain... I've just had the worst case of nesting so far... I was just pulling apart one of our lounges trying to get all the animal fur out when DH phoned and I exploded about how much work there was to do in the house before a baby came... the holes in the ceiling (been there 2 years, hasn't bothered me so far! LOL), the hole in the floor (since we moved in the size of a 5cent piece under the cat litter...), the cupboards, all are disgusting... etc etc etc... then I collapsed in tears and haven't done anything since...
    BTW some of the cupboards are empty, still dirty and all the stuff is on the ground waiting to be put back in the clean cupboards... ](*,) ](*,)

    So I just wanted to hear how some others are going or have gone through this lovely instinctive horrible experience... PLEASE let me know this is normal 'nesting' behaviour!! LOL


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    Jen Schuster Guest

    Hey Christy

    Just starting to experiance this all myself - and have to admit that I keep telling myself it is absolutely normal or I will go insane.

    I even abused my boss today fro having such a messy desk - and not putting the right things in the recycling bin - mamma mia - I even felt the need to go out the back yesterday and clean out the cupboards and archive all the old working papers.

    I think secretly the guys at work are loving it cause they are too lazy and slob like to clean up after themselves and if I ask them to clean up and it doesnt get done that instant I have a dummy spit and do it myself - LOL What am I going to do with myself!!!!!!

    Love Jen

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    Pietta Guest

    Yay.. what I have to look forward to!! hehehehe

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    I nested really early with both Kameron and Lachlan around 6 and 7mths into the pregnancy. Never had it as I got closer to full term.

    Love :smt049

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    Orkids Guest

    I cant imagine nesting - does it even happen to us lazy gals?? My hubby is going to love it! I'd like to clean out all the cupboards in our place - we stuffed things in them when we moved in 2 1/2 years ago and the mess is still there #-o .

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    Well, I've just finished spring cleaning the whole house. Pulled everything out of all the cupboards and re-sorted everything (even washed all the good crockery, cutlery etc in the kitchen), in every room of the house. Got up on ladders and cleaned ceiling fans, washed windows, scrubbed all the tiles in our huge family room on my hands and knees (took half a day!), washed all the windows inside and out etc etc etc (I'm sure you get the picture). Not sure if it was the real nesting instinct, because this is something I'd planned to do immediately after finishing work - but I know the last few weeks of work I was getting more and more uptight about there being such a mess in the house. Anyway, most of it's done now, so God help me if I suddenly decide to go into overdrive, because I have nothing else to clean!!! LOL. I can imagine my DH coming home from work one day to find me out edging and cutting the lawn or cleaning out gutters!!! #-o

    Take it easy Christy (easier said than done I know!)


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    Pietta Guest

    I just realise reading your post Tam that I am already nesting without realsing!! Oh no!! hehehe
    I went through the baby's cupboard, which was spare cupboard until last week, and I cleaned it all out and made it neat, then I cleaned our bedroom up. Thankfully that has passed though, but I must admit I am more into keeping the house very clean than I have ever been before. eg. I do the dishes straight away instead of the next day, I am washing every day, I am cleaning bathroom straight away, etc.

    I swear I am further than they say!!

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    God help me if I suddenly decide to go into overdrive, because I have nothing else to clean!!!
    You can always come and visit me Tam LOL. My mop broke and have been waiting for shopping day (today) so I can buy a new one so I can wash my floors LOL

    Love :smt049

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    Nov 2003

    lol kathryn
    you have the same shopping day as us

    i dont think i had nesting when pg with josh, though i did do alot of cleaning but it never bothered me on what got done or how much time i had to do it..

    take care

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    First Timer Guest

    I think, for me, the whole "nesting thing" has been more of a desire to have everything organised, because I'm damn sure I won't have a minute to scratch myself once the baby arrives (and I'm a bit of a neat freak at the best of times), rather than the 'primal instinct' to clean stuff (as described in one of the dozens of books I've read). 8-[


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    Feb 2004
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    Sorry for butting in ladies, but i didnt get a nesting instinct when i was pregnant with DS and i went 10 days overdue.
    Is it "the norm" to get it or is it a case of everyone is different?

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    Everyone is different Naomi. For me it was just pulling stuff out of cupboards and re-organising. Wasn't cleaning and scrubbing as such. When I was pregnanct with Kameron I cleaned and scrubbed

    Love :smt049

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    Feb 2004

    Oh no the nesting bug has caught me!!!!

    I thought this morning that I'd tidy up munchkin's room, not much to do, but anyway. So I set up the monitor, took the sheets of the cot, put the new mattress protector & sheets back on then decided to put all the bottles / steriliser / breast pump into a cupboard in the kitchen. BAD MOVE!! I had to clean the kitchen then! So kitchen was spotless, dishwasher going.

    Go back to bubs room to continue. I've bought a stack of breast pads & maternity pads so decided to put them in the bathroom. You guessed it, bathroom is now clean. The cupboards are rearranged - moisturisers together, soaps together etc.

    This was all between 8 & 10.30 this morning!! I'm now sitting here looking at the pile of ironing that needs to be done thinking about it..... I soooo want to do it, but am way to tired. Might need Aaron to restrain me LOL

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I am sure I am getting to the nesting point (yay - only had to wait nearly 37 weeks ).
    The walls in my house look soooooo dirty! I am going to go out and buy some sugar soap today and scrub the walls. I can see every single little speck of dirt and it is driving me nuts.
    I can't stand the carpet. I want to rip it up because it is so old and musty. Can't do that though! I want to hire one of those steam cleaners but Neil refuses to do it and it's too heavy for me. So I vacuum every second day, hehe.
    Our kitchen has been ripped out and we have a make-shift one set up in the lounge room. It's not helping the whole situation! There is stuff everywhere! I know it is a matter of time before I have a brand new kitchen to put everything away but time is running out quickly, iykwim? I have hassled Neil something chronic over the last few months and the poor guy is run off his feet so I am trying to not complain so much. It's very hard to do!!
    So, I am going to focus on what I can do. My car is filthy so that is getting a clean today. The walls will get a good wipe down and our bedroom will be rearranged to accomodate the cradle. That covers this week.
    Next week I will tackle putting away all the little nick-nack thingys that just collect dust and get in the way. I've decided that I don't care how plain the house looks, I just don't need the clutter.
    Hopefully by then I will have a kitchen again and will be able the put everything back in it's place (atm our linen press in the hallway is full of the stuff from the kitchen).
    I am hoping the mice we have will all be dead by then too and I can scrub and disinfect where they have been. Urrgh, the thought of the little vermin in my cupboard makes me feel ill!!!

    Yep.... I think I AM nesting

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    pebbles2820 Guest

    Question Nesting

    I was just curious about others experiences with the nesting phenominon.

    I started before I'd even tested with my first, had incredible urge to own own home, when we bought I painted the entire place myself, chose curtains and decorated nursery as well as spring cleaning everything in sight. With No.2 it took a little longer to kick in but I still sanded and painted nursery furniture and did the kitchen cupboard thing etc. Had to start anew with no.3 and paint another set of nursery furniture and more cleaning out of cupboards. I just find it really wierd the urges you get when caring new life.

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    Oct 2004

    I got an overwhelming nesting urge when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. I rearranged the whole house, moved furniture and cleaned everything. I did this massive spring clean which is really not normal for me!

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    Jan 2006

    I shopped. Didn't feel the cleaning urge at all, save for needing to vacuum the house every day... but that could have been because I wanted a distraction from being overdue.

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
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    I'm a power tool nester. It's scary but true. I sand back and paint everything in sight......