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Thread: Is our little man getting ready ?

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    Default Is our little man getting ready ?

    I have a feeling our little man is getting ready for us to meet him a little earlier then expected. I dont want to get my hopes up though as i went to 41 +9 with my DS.

    Yesterday morning i had strong period like cramps every 10 mins for at least 2 hours then they stopped, they started again later in the day and this time went for 4 hrs, I have also had these ( BRaxton Hicks i am guessing) on and off for the past week the pain also goes to my back. I have felt a bit nauseas every now and then and am very emotional, im crying at the drop of a hat today. I am extremely tired and have been getting loads of cat naps in. I know its hard to say and i am hoping he will sit tight for a while longer, but do you think i might actually go into labour on my own ? I have been induced with both my previous.

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    If it makes you feel any better, I've been experiencing this since 35 weeks, and I'm still going! What you've suggested is my typical day. Except now I'm having a heavy show, morning sickness has come back really bad etc etc. Hopefully you will go to full term. Enjoy the extra cat naps though!

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