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    in pain

    i need help i have so much pain down below it feels like its on fire it hurts to walk sit stand im nearly in tears trying to get out of bed every morning it hurts that much and its all ways there just wondering if any of you girls have had anything simliar and can give me some tips on trying to stop it a little bit thanks in advance

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    get your care provider to check you out - there are many issues that cause pelvic and vaginal pain during pg and it's so hard to work out without investigating. i'd say you need to be checked - if it's burning down low, you may have a severe thrush infection or even a UTI. your pelvis may be unstable - soo many maybes...

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    I have this, My OB called it pelvic dystocia(sp?) He suggested a pregnancy girdle that you can get from the physio. It can be quite pricey though. I only have it mildly and I dont have long to go so I just use pillows at night, tucked them between my legs to help keep my pelvis and hips aligned. A belly bra may be of some help too. Talk too your OB about it if it continues to get worse you may end up on bed rest.Just take it slow when you get out of bed and rest when you can.
    Other than that the only thing that will alleviate it is delivery. Take care

    Sorry, I meant symphisis pubis disorder. I have no idea where I got pelvic dystocia from. Big brain fart )
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    Yes I have that too. I'm 30 weeks into it with my 3rd pregnancy. A myotherapist helped my hip and back pain immensly. I am now going to go and see a specialists chiropractor who only treats pregnant women and babies. The myotherapists has done wonders for my muscles and tendons but says she can't really align my pelvis and pubic bone which is what I need. I can't sleep on my sides because it hurts so much in the morning. Shooting pains in my groin and down my legs. I can't sleep on my back because I can't get enough air in my lungs! I'm getting to the point where pain killers (panadol forte or panadiene) is the only thing that I can take. I will be getting crutches next week because putting one foot in front of the other is difficult. No traditional methods helped me - such as, pregnancy girdle, pregnancy body pillow.... nothing!! Just pain whatever I did. In fact the pregnancy belt support my physio gave me, made the pain worse.
    Good luck and try some ice packs rather than heat packs. Very uncomfy though. I have to have a heat pack on my lower back at the same time as an icepack between my legs!! Attractive I'm sure and incredibly uncomfortable, but seems to relieve the pain in the pubic bone for a while (or at least dulls it a bit). The heat pack is for muscle relief which is a different issue to the structural problems we have.

    Try to lie down as much as you can.