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Thread: Pain = baby turning??

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    Default Pain = baby turning??

    Bubs is sitting in the breech position at the moment (think it's called frank breech?). Everynow and then i've been getting rib pain right where he's head is, it kind of comes in waves and then settles down before it starts again. I've been burning moxa sticks to try and get him to turn and have noticed the pain has been getting worse but it is also a little bit lower down than it was originally. Could this be becuase bubs is trying to turn? When they turn is it something happens straight away or is it a gradual thing?

    ETA - forgot to say when i feel the pain if i massage the area to make it feel better i can actaully feel baby's head...

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    I had some pain last night, but all over my abdomen, it was like a super-duper-almost-a-real-contraction BH type thing happening, it'd ease off and then spasm again - it took a couple of hours to finally settle. Ramlet has his head up under the right side of my ribcage, maybe he's trying to turn too.

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    Hey Boo

    at 33 weeks your bubba still has plently of time to turn...they can turn right up until 37-38ish weeks for a first time pregnancy

    the sensation you are describing sounds like it could be the pressure of your baby's head in your rib cag, squishing your diaphragm and flaring your ribs

    when they turn they do tend to do it one somersalt

    hope this helps

    xx yogababy

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