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Thread: pee peeing alot!

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    Talking pee peeing alot!

    Hi there!

    Just thought I'd post this one to see if anyone is urinating quiet as much as me? haha. I know it's normal to wanna pee pee more when you are pregnant, especially in the 3rd trimester but sheesh! I think I counted 11 times I woke last night rushing for the loo, and alot of the time only a trickle would come out, and I would continue to sit on the loo for a further 10 minutes cause I felt like I was busting. hehe oh dear, the joys of it. My husband is awake everytime I am up the poor thing. If the baby moves a certain way while I am asleep I run for the loo, but sometimes he's not moving and I still run to the loo like Im busting and nothin comes out! Mystery huh? Oh and well, during the day while doing housework and all every 10 minutes I am in the loo doin a pee, its pretty shockin huh. I dont remember it quiet this bad with my 1st, and I know its normal but gee its frustrating, and just to think Im only 30 weeks and its goin to get worse yet as the baby gets heavier haha. I feel sorta like a peeing machine at the moment its all I ever do I guess the lack of sleep sets in long before you have a newborn baby huh, with all the moving in your tummy of a night and between up and down to the loo!

    Oh and whats funnier, my husband is getting up of a night time to pee alot now too like 5 times a night and can usually sleep through, maybe thats called sympathetic urinating!
    As soon as Im finished on the loo he is sitting on the side of the bed awake already waiting to make a run for the loo cause he is busting everytime as well! He is so funny he makes me laugh


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    hahahahahaha sympathy peeing wish my DH got that.

    I hear you i feel your pain and frustration i am ready for my body and bladder back may have to send this baby an eviction notice soon.

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    I am the same as you Danielle, except DP hasnt got the sympathetic peeing rofl

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    Danielle - I totally am like you (Im 34 weeks). I'll be lying down (esp. on the couch) and the baby like presses down on the bladder and it kills and makes u wanna go pee. I feel like im peeing every 15 mins too. Its crazy!

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