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    Default Pelvic pain!

    Hi everyone

    This is my first post.... so here goes. This is my first pregnancy and I am almost 36 weeks and have started to experience the most excruciating pelvic pain. It basically hurts to do anything - sit, stand, walk, lie down and even wee! The pain has brought me to tears a few times and hubby has even had to help me walk to the toilet in the middle of the night.

    My obs says to try Panadeine and that I may need to be induced early - which I'm really not keen on. I'm using cold packs and just trying to rest as much as possible.

    Has anyone else experienced that pelvic instability and if so, how did it affect your labour? I'm worried that I will be in extreme pain because of it. I've done Calm Birthing and wonder if my wishes for a drug free birth will go completely out the window now.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    frankie Guest


    hey darl,

    Im 31 weeks and have just started to feel these pains. To me it feels like when i sneeze or cough or roll over too fast im ripping my insides apart. Im pretty sure this is normal as im in front of you i dont have any real advice apart from the fact that im feeling it too and not to worry.

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    Hi there

    Sounds like you have an unstable pelvis - it's also called a lot of other things. There's an article on Belly Belly about it, under I think SPD.

    GPs are hopeless at diagnosing and treating this. You need to see a physio - depending on how severe it is they may give you a belt or exercises that you can do. Try to see one who specialises in pregnancy-related conditions.

    It usually goes away after the birth - don't worry too much about the actual birth, it won't really impede it but there may be some positions you can't use.

    I got it at week 28 and it only got better six months after the birth with clinical pilates (it's rare that it takes this long though) so I know that it can be absolutely agonising and believe me, putting up with it for that long was far worse than the actual labour!

    Take care and get thee to a good physio!

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    Hi Smidge

    I went to the physio last week with pelvic pain also, im only 28 weeks now and have been lucky in that mine seems to kick in when I am lying down, but had to get hubby to help me to the toilet a couple of nights last week as I just couldnt walk properly.

    Physio gave me a support belt to wear which has been good and some exercises to do which though painful I think are starting to help, and I have been swimming which was a god-send maybe try that.

    Im also a little concerned over the labour positions but im not doing anything on my back unless they want to knock me out first

    I agree a physio is a must

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    Definately see a physio. In the meantime, when dressing try and sit down. Don't stand on one leg as it just unbalances you and hurts more. Try to avoid stairs. When rolling over keep both legs together too and don't open your legs too wide. Keep up the pain relief and hopefully you will feel better soon.

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    Red face you will get through this!!!

    hi alot of women everywhere suffer with this exact same complaint, i totally agree with everyone when they say go and see a physio and they can also get you a stability belt that wraps around your hips. All the cartledge in your pelvis is softened by the pregnancy hormones allowing your pelvis to accomodate and allow you to give birth. You will get through this your on the home stretch now

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    Smidge04 Guest

    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thanks everyone for your advice and comments - I feel heaps better. I'll hopefully get in to see the physio at my obs rooms soon.

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    Looks as though I have pelvic instability. Went and saw a physio today due to a lot of lower back pain and that is what he says I have. My lower back has been taped up and I am waiting for the support belt to come in. Hoping it does not get worse, but I am having trouble following some of his instructions. Our car is just not built for me to keep my legs together when getting in and out. Not too bad if I am parked somewhere where there is nothing inhibiting the drivers side door from opening, but those situations are few and far between.

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    frankie Guest


    hey smidge,

    i found out recently that i have spd and thats why i hurt so much. Its getting worse so get yours checked out darl!!!

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