thread: Pelvis discomfort - is this normal?

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    Feb 2007

    Pelvis discomfort - is this normal?

    Hi everyone, I am currently 38+5 weeks and woke up this morning to feel and hear the front of my pelvis clicking. After a while it started clicking at the back instead and it feels really sore and uncomfortable. I also feel extra heavy in my pelvis. My groin (the joints between my hips and pelvis) keeps getting twanging pains. It is very uncomfortable to walk. I do normally get pain in my lower back/pelvis due to a previous injury. Is this morning's pain normal? I don't remember it happening last pregnancy. Could it just be that my bub has engaged further? Last Thursday he was 3/5 engaged.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Penstar Guest

    Hi Trish,
    I get really bad pelvis pain with all mine. You need to talk to a physio to get all the info on what to do. In severe cases they have to intervene to keep the pelvis together! Good news is that you're pelivis is opening up nicely for your baby to come through. Hehe. Try to keep your legs together. Like sitting on the bed to get dressed, don't stand on one leg. Keep your body central. Don't roll over one leg at a time, things like that is what I had to remember.

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    Trish, it sounds like your body is getting ready for the upcoming arrival of your baby. Although I have not reached 38 weeks yet, but I can definitely related to what you described... the pressure is growing and it is very uncomfortable, but you don't have too much longer to go now. Good luck and all the best.

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    Feb 2007

    Thanks ladies for your comments! Penstar, thanks for those tips, I will definitely give them a try. I suppose it really is just my body getting ready, I hope bubs arrives soon though, I don't know if I can put up with this every day!

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    Hey Trish

    it may be a minor case of symphasis pubis separation...

    things that will help to reduce the discomfort...
    • avoid this places more pressure on the pelvis and the symphasis pubis
    • when getting out of bed try and roll onto you side with you legs together and roll yourself up and out of bed...again to reduce placing pressure on the pelvis
    • watch your posture...try and stand with the toes slightly turned in, feet hip width apart, as this relieves pressure on the pelvis and encourages optimal positioning of your baby and pelvis

    hope this helps...

    xx yogababy

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    Dec 2006

    I have been feeling the same way as Trish - when standing up after sitting down the pain in my pelvis is horrible! Really uncomfortable pressure pains also when I walk! I dont how I will last another 2 weeks like this!

    Yogababy - thanks for the tips, I'll try to keep those in mind also

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    It definately sounds like spd, I have had it with all my pg and # 3 was quite bad and i had to wear a brace and this time it has started already, ive been to the chiro and had massage to help as i could hardly walk last week.

    At least you don't have too long to go now so that is good.

    I find sleeping with a pillow between my legs help and keep your knees together when you roll over in bed.

    Also when getting dressed make sure you sit down when putting your legs in your pants etc as lifting one leg up is excruciating and can really aggravate it.

    That crunching is horrible. You can get pain in the groin, butt and down your legs.

    I find heat packs are good and if possible stretching the hamstrings/butt. Also don't stand up for too long, make sure you have plenty of rests.

    Good luck xox

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    Feb 2007

    Thanks everyone!

    Yogababy - Thanks for your helpful advise (as usual!), I Googled SPD and it definitely sounds like that's what the problem is. I have a pre-existing problem with my pelvis (it is very unstable) due to a fall at work years ago so it is likely to be caused by that.

    All Girls - Thanks for your tips too! I had one of those braces from last pregnancy, but found it makes the pain worse . I will definitely be using the heat pack tonight.

    Kellie - Sorry to hear you are suffering too!

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