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Thread: Period cramps and back pains

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    Home again!

    I was admitted last night due to the contractions, which have stopped now. Baby's HR dropped to 37 which made me lose my mind - and control over my mouth. When the doctor laughed at me I told him what for - which i've since apologised for LOL We listened to the baby's heart rate slowly go down and then slowly go back up again - but the doctors seem convinced in the fact that it was movement away from the CTG thingie that caused the drop (I am not convinced LOL and told them as much last night)

    I have a Biophysical profile to go to this afternoon - hopefully everything will be fine, but if not docs have no worries in delivering - so we'll see how it goes - BPP is at 3pm


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    Wow Bec, exciting but at the same time scarey times. That would have been terrifying watching babies HR drop like that. I'm sure the docs know what they are on about but sometimes you can't help but to begin to question there judgement. I'm glad though that it is back to normal now (what a relief).
    So if something shows up in these tests this afternoon, does that mean they will induce you or something. What are the tests, I haven't heard of them before (that's not a surprise though).
    How are you feeling now about the whole situation? Excited or scared or both, I know which I would be. But I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, the docs seem to be keeping a close eye on things for you, which is good to hear. All the best, can't wait to hear what will happen.

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    hope all goes well for you this afternoon.. what a couple of very scary moments for you xoxo

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    thinking of you. i am now 38 weeks but i have had on and off cramps for over 10 days and am 2 cm dilated already. funny i didn't think that experience was as common as it appears to be. i am the same way though dont want to show up to hospital for nothing if nothing is going on.
    hope everything was ok with the BPP

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    Hi there

    Quick update, BPP turned out great! The tech said he thinks everything is ok, but have to wait for the doctors say so about delivering early - I'm calling tomorrow but I'm sure that we wont have to deliver!

    Baby's heart rate, lungs, cord, etc all look great - we even found out the sex FINALLY.

    We're having a precious little girl. I'm so over the moon that the baby is happy and healthy and most likely wont be born early thanks for the support the last two days ladies!!! I hope i can return the favour for you some time.


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    Yeah,,, well done on finding out that you are having a little girl!

    I look forward to hearing your news in the next couple of weeks!

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