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Thread: Puppps Please Help My Friend Mel

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    gina Guest

    Post Puppps Please Help My Friend Mel

    Hi Guys,

    My friend has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy (Tyler) . She has suffered from Puppps since 35weeks and baby born at 38weeks. She has water pustules and severe itching all over her body . She has now suffered this for 4 weeks even after steroids and topical creams. Does anyone have a clue when this will pass as she is going nuts!!!! The rash has also spread to her palms and now looks like its blistering!! OUCH!!!

    Please Help Her!!

    xoxox Gina

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    I thought that Puppps went away after the baby was born.... poor thing its awful. I don't have any help unfortunately...

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    Oh my goodness ... she's still got it after giving birth?!?! Poor thing. My heart goes out to her. I was diagnosed with PUPPP at 36wks, and it has just about been driving me insane. I was so close to asking to be induced, just to make the itching and the rash go away!

    You can find my thread about it HERE which I started before I knew that it was PUPPP that I had.

    I have read on the internet that for people who still have it after they've given birth, that there could be some possible hormonal connection with breastfeeding. Or it seems that for some people, it takes a few weeks to go away.

    Has she seen her OB for a post-natal check-up yet?

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    gina Guest


    Hi Cherie,

    I just had a sneeky peak at your photo of puppps. Oh my i felt sorry for you!! My friend Mel has a much worse case. Your puppps looks tame compared to hers. She has breaking skin, rash all over and blood spots because its soo sooooo itchy. She is also using that tar cream and her dr has asked her to stop taking oral antihistamines as they havent really done much. She has also been told to stop using steroids. It is the worse rash i have ever seen next to my mango body rash when i was 12 hahahaha YUKKY !!

    She was induced 1 week before her time due to the extreme itchiness - so it does happen. She has now decided to see a dermatologist as her bubs is 2 weeks already and its not getting any better. I just feel so sorry for her suffering. I also read through the thread but the cases are pretty mild. Thanks anyway.

    I just dont know how to help her!!

    Thank you so much for your reply and keep in touch. Your bubba is due soon i noticed. Wishing your a H&H birth darling. I am soooo early and cant wait to be where you are as this is my first normal pg.

    ps - I hope i dont have puppps when its my turn - looks scary!!

    Please post pics of baby after your birth. Love bubbas!!

    xxoxo Gina

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    gina Guest


    Hi Christie,

    Apparently puppps continues after birth for a couple or weeks and only in boy births. It is awful. If you know of anyone dont hesitate to drop a line. Thanks for your kindness and reply.

    xoxoxox Gina

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    Isabeau Guest


    She definitely needs to go get checked out asap

    I feel for her I know what being itchy is like..drives you mad

    hopefully it all goes away very very soon

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    I agree Gina! Your friend's sounds much worse than mine, and I can only imagine how torturous it must be for her. Mine made me want to tear my hair out, and I didn't have any blisters ... only a little bit of bleeding from where I couldn't resist scratching.
    Poor thing

    I really hope she gets some relief soon - it must be making life with a newborn a whole lot more difficult than it would be already.

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    Has she tried taking milk thistle tablets and flaxseed oil? These may help rather than steriods.

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    gina Guest


    Hi All,

    Mel just text me a message. She has been told its PEMPHGOID GESTANTIONIS!!! I said WHAT???? !!! I looked it up and its not contagious and apparently it is an auto immune deficiency and a form of skin herpes. No wonder the poor girl wants to rip her skin apart!!! They say oral steriods are pretty much the only way to overcome the prob.

    Thanks for everyone who replied and cared for my itchy friend!! Ha ha!! Now we all know that its not always puppps.

    xoxoxoxo Gina

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