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Thread: Quickeeze safe?

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    Default Quickeeze safe?

    Hi there, this week I have been experiencing bad reflux when I lie down in bed. I even tried eating dinner at 5.00pm but still had the problem during the night in bed where I just about projectile vomit from the indigestion. I shouldn’t complain as it has only now happened this late and i know a lot of girls suffer for a long time with this. I reached for the Rennie last night which I had in a sample box. My hubby has Quickeeze everywhere in the house and was telling me to use them instead but not sure are they safe to use or should i stick to the Rennie?

    The Rennie helped for about an hour!

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    I know your pain, I had it so severe for most of my pregnancy!
    Im not sure if they are safe but if your reflux and heartburn is really bad maybe get some zantac. I used it throught most of my pregnancy. Speak to your dr first though. Tumms are really good also!
    Good luck!

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    Yep quickeaze is fine - so is Mylanta, I went through bottles and bottles of the stuff in my last trimester! Good luck!

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    just make sure that it doesn't have aluminium in it and it should be fine- so antacids do

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