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Thread: Ring stuck on swollen finger - help!

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    Nope- it doesn't hurt at all when they cut it off- believe me, the relief to have your finger back is worth it!!!!! Good luck.

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    Thanks for your responses everyone. I tried ice water and windex, the string trick (using thread, then using dental floss) but they didn't work - i got the ring down my finger a little way, but couldn't get it over my knuckle.

    so today i went to a jeweller and had it cut off (catherinemoses and lullabyblue, thanks for the reassurance about this process!). it was quick and painless. The ring probably needed
    resizing anyway, so the repair - when I eventually have it done - will help make it fit a bit better.

    timing's a bit weird though, the day before our wedding anniversary! oh well, it feels GREAT to have it off my finger. thanks again everyone. i'm going to pop in to the first trimester thread and warn everyone there to take off their rings before it's too late!!

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    I'm glad they got it off and it was quick and painless.

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