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Thread: Risk of GD?

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    Question Risk of GD?

    Well im 27 weeks tomorrow (so i thought id post in here) I went to my MW app yesterday 2 weeks early because i have been having this horrendus pain in my hip, turns out to be siatica (sp?)..
    Anyway i jumped on the scales and i have put on 4.2kgs in 2 weeks! They then turned around and mentioned GD, and i could be at risk. I am going for my glucose test next week but still im freaking out! What will happen if i do have it??


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    I wouldn't stress at this stage if I were you. 4.2kgs in 2 weeks is a lot but most of it could be fluid. After your glucose test next week if the results aren't good then you have to have a further glucose test that is more reliable (fasting etc). The first test I know can be greatly affected by what you eat in the 24 hours before you have it. Even if the restults of the 1st test are a problem my OB told me that 9/10 times the 2nd test will come back ok.

    If you do get diagnosed with GD then I think its mostly managed by a low GI diet and you have to check your blood glucose levels before and after meals with a finger ***** (like diabetics do). If the diet doesn't manage to get the levels under control then I think sometimes you can be medicated.

    Don't worry yet (I wish I could take my own advice! )


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    Hi Scorpiomum
    Principessa Is correct in what she says. It is also true that your blood sugar can be controlled by tablets or sometimes an injection is needed. One other thing that can cause a large weight fluctuation is using different scales. Most bathroom scales are not all that accurate and will vary from one to another.

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