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Thread: She is going to crack a rib!!

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    *Nessa* Guest

    Cool She is going to crack a rib!!

    I swear bubs is going to brake one of my ribs soon.

    she has the strongest kicks ever!!!!

    Even when i lay down she streaches out to kick them.


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    Sucks, man. I get nice little flutters, but when I'm trying to go to sleep mine just goes ape on me. Rough. I just keep telling myself its nothing but a good thing...
    She'll be out soon and you can have your body back.

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    LOL..Jasmine was the same...she was a real ribby baby

    I hope she stops soon...otherwise come 40 weeks your going to be a bit achy

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    Nessa, I say it's because we have no other toys in there they can play with. They decide the ribs and the bladder are there for their enjoyment. We just have to suffer it. Try changing positions and take heart, she'll soon be too big to make big kicks etc...

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    My baby is the same...It is so annoying. I am worried that I am starting to feel some resentment. I feel like my body isn't mine anymore. I can't sleep properly, I keep needing to go to the toilet every 10-15mins. I can't lie down without feeling uncomfortable. I hope that my feelings change soon.

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