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    Unhappy So fed up

    Not sure if that is the right word for it but i am so upset with everything at the moment. All ths pregnancy has been is one thing after another and it's just starting to get to me. Today all i have wanted to do is cry and so wish the baby would be born soon.

    Not sure how much longer i can cope with trips to the hospital each week some weeks i am going 4 times and others 3. I could still have 11wks of this and not sure what i am going to do.

    I shouldn't wish the baby to be born early but i can't help it. I love being pg it's not that which is bothering me it's the PE risk and the not knowing when i will get it full on. Some say i am lucky because i get no m/s but i would prefer that than PE again.

    So sorry for the rant i just feel as if i can't do anything right at the moment.

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    **hugs** Michelle.

    I wish there was something I could do to help. I wish I was there to drive you when you need to get to hospital and don't have the energy. I wish there was a way you could get the tests done closer to home. I wish that the next eleven weeks fly by. I hope you don't get PE again this pg. I wish for you a hug to put the smile back on your face.

    Lots of love

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    Big hugs for you Michelle. I'm sorry things are so rough at the moment

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    Michelle, I so know how you're feeling, having been there myself. However, please please please just try to think that every extra day that your princess is baking, is one less day that she'll be in SCN/NICU, struggling, stressing, etc.

    I wish I was with you to help you out doing all the little things. I know how hard it is with bigger ones, and how you need to do EVERYTHING with them. It's a difficult time, but one that you will soon look back on and think "how did I live with only two when I have three wonderful bubbies"!!!

    So hugs, try (as much as you can) to rest, and know I'm thinking of you.

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    Thinking of you.
    I know it won't get any easier but hope you find the strength to make it through the really hard days.

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    I so wish i could help ease it for you. But just think. Only 11 weeks and you will hold your princess in your arms and you will forget all the trips to the hospital. Good luck with the next 11 weeks i sure hope it gets easier

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    Hi Michelle

    Whats up??? sorry i've been really busy with work, brother arriving and holiday so havent been in contact with anyone for weeks so i have no idea whats been happening with you. I hope it's nothing too bad. As for hoping that bubs comes early..... a friend has just had a bub at 27 weeks and i wouldn't wish what she is going through on anyone (sorry don't mean to belittle what you are going through but sometimes when you see it from the other side it puts everything back in check).

    Being preggie when you have others than yourself to worry about is just a nightmare, you are always at the bottom of the priority list and feet up or a nap through the day just isn't on and sometimes it's just not fair. I threw a hissy fit at John a few weeks back, i ended up in tears for 3 days all over nothing except being taken for granted.

    Hope you feel better soon and tat bubs and you are keeping well.

    Let me know how it's going


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    MIchelle, been thinking about you the last couple of days, i was hoping things were going ok... I wish i was still in Perth, so i could give you a hand... Although i didnt have PE i was in and out of hossy, and know EXACTLY how you feel. Divvy's right, a day mroe in your tummy is a day less in hossy. But i know you dont want bubba out, you've just had enough. I felt the same way by 25 weeks with Anneliese, and i didnt get much further! I'm praying things settle down a little bit so you can enjoy the last 1/4 of your pregnancy...

    Thinking of you hun

    Simone xx

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    Taz i emailed you.

    I'm still feeling much the same and really not coping with normal day to day things. Housework seems to be a no go well i do a bit but as soon as i tidy someone makes a big mess again.
    DH isn't helping much other than making a mess also. I have to ask if i want something done.

    Friday is my birthday and i asked DH if he wanted to get a babysitter in so we can go out he said no. I feel like getting myself admitted to the hospital just so i can get away from it all.
    I'm sure i will be fine once the baby is here it's just all the stress at the moment of not knowing and being at the hospital most of my week.

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    Hey Michelle

    How are you feeling this week? Things any better at home?

    Are you still going to be having this wee one at Joondalup or will it be KEMH now? If you are still going to Joondalup and can't hang on past Christmas we could end up room mates

    I bet you are glad the in-laws didn't decide to come and stay, mind you hospital may have seemed like a much better option then than it does now.

    Keep your chin up and let us know how it's going. I'll email you shortly when i get a spare 5mins.


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    I think we all know how you feel Michelle! I was so over work and being pregnant, but I found it made it so much easier to keep looking forward to something. For example, look forward to this weekend so you can get a bit of Christmas shopping done, then look forward to your next dr appointment so you can hear the heartbeat..If you keep focussing on exciting things that are only a week or so away it can make it that bit more bearable.
    I hope you feel better though, have some juice and take a nap! Tomorrow, look forward to going out and buying a whopping big box of chocolates and have a little treat every day!

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    There is no need to be sorry Michelle, you have had a really rough pg, and stressful to say the least. What your feeling is so normal, my pg was relativly normal and I was feeling that way towards the end...

    I know that you don't need to hear that its all normal, but please know that we are all here for you and your little miricle will be here in no time, and you will be run off your feet... in the best possible way. Try to rest up and take some time to yourself (if you can wangle it!)

    Thinking of you as always


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