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    There is an article on the new main BellyBelly website about Stretchmarks in pregnancy that you all might find of interest also has some prevention ideas in it as well. You can find it by clicking Stretchmarks in Pregnancy


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    Dp and I are in a Car club and one of the guys in that club pointed out "Hey don't worry if you get stretchmarks, they will look like a wicked flame job, do you know how much it would cost to get it tatooed, or even worse airbrushed on your car?"

    Lol gotta laugh, nice way to think of it, think if I do get stretch marks I will be able to look at them and giggle at my "flamed panels"

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    LOL canniel, that's a good one!

    my question is when do they most likely appear? i havent got any yet and am 29 weeks, and my belly is pretty big. Is this a fair indication I wont get any, or do they come up pretty late?

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    LOL Canniel that's a classic!!!!

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    Min, everyone's experience is different. But I'm sorry to say my stretch marks only appeared in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy.

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    misty shhhh! if you don't say it out loud, it might not be true!!!

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    Misty DOUBLE SHHHHHH! (closing her eyes really tight)

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    I got heaps of stretch marks, after about a year they faded to pale and silvery. I knew I would get them as I got some from a growth spurt when I was 13 all up my legs and hips.
    I used coca butter but I don't know if they would have been worse without it.
    I got more in second PG as I was always lifting DS. I think they show up more when its cold. I have old scars from years ago that show up purple when I'm cold too. I've got that lovely lily white skin!

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    I have a few that have started on my boobs, but nothing on my tummy. Just hoping =; if i keep up the Parmers Coco butter that will help! but gosh who knows, the next few weeks i might pop to be a huge whale!

    LOL Colleeg

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    Has anyone tried Bio-Oil for stretchmarks? I have had one stretch mark since 14 weeks and another three thin ones have appeared overnight all under the belly one on the left and three on the right.

    I was reading the suggestions in this thread and thought the BB article on stretch marks was interesting. It has only been since I have stopped taking my liquid zinc supplement they have appeared. The article mentioned zinc and I know my zinc levels are low.

    Maybe a specific stretch mark cream/oil and zinc will prevent any more? Only time will tell.

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    With having twins, my tummy stretched to the extreme, and got the worst stretchies, each one is about a fingers width!,and go past my belly button, with DD#3 they extended up further ( guess the only place yet not covered) so now nearly reach the bb's this one so far has not changed anything, but nothing much left uncovered!! Used creams through them all, but guess it was just meant to b!!!

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    My Mumdoes not have one at all, she had 3 of us & ordered pure lanolinj straight from the sheeps backs, it stunk & she said it was hard to get back then, but she never got a mark at all, my older sister has had 3 preg's & has 2 kids, not a stretch mark at all, I have DD & a totally different body to my sisters & Mum, they are tall & very lean, I am shorter & have big boobs & hips, I have tiny unnoticable stretch marks on the under side of me breasts & also on top of thighs & on lower back/hips!
    I don't care when I see what some other ones are like & also know I got them through lovingly carrying & giving birth to my precious DD! I wear them with pride like a badge of honour & know most of my friends that don;t have kids ahve much worse than I do!!

    I put moisturizer on after every shopwer, but not to prevent stretch marks, just coz I like it!!!???