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Thread: Sweat pimples and heat rash

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    Question Sweat pimples and heat rash

    Charming topic I know.

    Well, I'm having an issue and my baby brain can't figure out what to do

    My boobies have grown from a 10AA to a 12/14D (really not sure if thats a woohoo or a boohoo but anyway!) and now I'm having a problem with under my lovely large milk bar lol!

    If I don't wear a bra I end up with sweat pimples under my boobs, which is ouchie.
    If I do wear a bra I end up with a rash, which is a lot like the sweat pimples only red and sore as well, which is also ouchie.

    What do I do? I've never had this problem before (never really had boobs to have problems with lol!). Is there something I can do to stop that? All my bras are clean, and I wash under there, and I can't work out why it keeps happening Is my bra possibly too tight? At the moment I am wearing a 12D, but really do need to 'upgrade' to a 14D... could that be the problem?

    Haven't gone to see the dr about it (bit embarrassing!), I have a midwife appointment on Thursday but wasn't sure if its just one of those things (as mostly everything seems to be ).

    Anyway, now you all know my lovely secret, have a great day!

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    Alisia, i find that as much air time as possible helps. My skin gets sweaty and then results in dry and itchy like eczema... i just can't win.

    I found that it lessens with underwire bras... cacth 22 of that is we're not supposed to wear them!

    Eeeeek. Boobs are a b!tch!!!!

    Hope you find some relief soon.

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    Leasha ... I think upsizing and finding a nice soft comfy bra may help. I have a similar problem (although I didn't increase in size that quickly - it's taken me 4 pregnancies to get there!! lol!) and I have found a bra (can't remember the brand atm) which has a satiny band under the boobs ... it's the only one that is really comfy and doesn't cause redness itching or sweat ... HOWEVER, I have had it since my first pregnancy 8 or so years ago. I do have another one which I got a couple of years ago (again not sure of the brand) during my third and that one is almost as good - still satiny underneath.

    I have noticed alot of my other maternity bras are feeling a bit tight, so I have to go on an upsizing shopping trip too

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    I'd definitely recommend getting properly fitted with your bra. I increased from a C/D cup to an E cup in the first trimester when pg with Nina, and had to act quickly otherwise I would have ended up going through what you're going through now.

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    3B cream!!

    I dont know a single chef that hasnt at some point had sweat rash/pimples and chaffing...especially around th BB and'down there' and there is NOTING that gets rid of it and controls it like 3B cream. Yopu can get it from your chemist and it is a godsend. (yeah, really, he beamed it down to us in the kitchen one day with cherubs lying all aroundit and we saw the light and never turned from the path again)


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    Poor darling..

    I would definilty go to Myer or David Jones and get fitted for a proper size bra.. I did with DS and was the biggest relief!!!

    Good luck!

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