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    Default Teeth moving

    Hi there, has anyone experienced their teeth moving in their pregnancy? I dont know if hubby and i are going completely mad but I swear my middle tooth on the bottom row has moved and is now higher than the one sitting next to it which has ALWAYS been in line. Ive heard old whispers about your teeth moving when you are in labor but thought this was just a wivestale - and I am certainly not in labour yet - possibly going mad!!

    Just thought id throw it out there in case someone else may have had this happen to them.

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    No going to see my FIL (he's a dentist) for a checkup this arvo...if I remember, I'll ask him about it.

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    Ive read in a pg book that I have that the pg hormone soften your gums thats why some people bleed excessively when they brush their teeth. So it is possible that if your gums have softened that your tooth could have moved a tad.

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