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    Default Trying to stay happy

    I am almost 37 weeks with my 3rd bundle of love. I have been having niggly contractions since 32 weeks and I am starting to feel like this baby will NEVER be ready to come out. I feel really ungrateful that I feel this way. With my other two pregnancies I was lucky enough to coast through my pregnancies, but I feel like I am whinging everyday because I am tired and sore and ache all over. I am seeing my obstetrician today and the baby was lying in an oblique position last time so we will see what he says.
    I just want to feel happy and positive going into labour and want to leave the negative behind any suggestions????

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    I think that we all tend to get like this at some stage... I said just last night to DH that I am sure I dodn't whinge this much when pg with DD... maybe it gets worse each subsequent pg!!!

    Just try to relax, and not to stress about what you are feeling... we all want our baby sonner rather than later towards the end, and once you go into labour I am sure you will feel excited and not negative at all...

    Hugs... and Good Luck!

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    I know how you feel- I was sure baby was going to be early so I kept waiting and expecting it to come. It did- at 42 weeks!!! If poss, lower your expectation about when baby will come. I just kept telling myself (and DH) that baby has a time that she wants to come into the world and that it is not for me to control or decide. I told her to come out when she was ready- and the darling did.

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