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Thread: what is this funny pain?

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    Default what is this funny pain?

    hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. just a quick question because im not sure what this funny pain i have been getting is. it just started on tues so has only been going for under a week. when i am standing sometimes, suddenly it feels like someone has stabbed me in the left hip/very low back/very low left pelvis and i feel like my whole left side is going to collapse. its very sudden and only lasts a short time. would it be something to do with baby's position perhaps?

    btw, im nearly 36 weeks.


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    wow cool, how totally random- you just never know whats gonna happen next with pregnancy. i don't even know what organs are over there because all your organs have relocated themselves. all i can tell you is that this new sensation will also pass... only a few weeks to go and then the fun starts. let us know what your doctor says tho (but they usually dont know, i've noticed). good luck!

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    It may be your baby is pressing on your sciatic nerve? I get a sudden sharp pain like that when it's my sciatic nerve being pressed and it can really take my breath away. Hope it passes for you soon!

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    It would probably just be bubs poking, sitting, standing, kicking something inside!!!

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    I agree with Trish - sounds a little like sciatic nerve pain. Especially if it starts to radiate down your leg. It used to make my knees buckle (very embarrassing!) If it lingers, you can make it go away by crawling (very painful when your sciatic nerve is hurting!) but it really works and allows you to walk comfortably again.

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    It might just be your muscles loosening due to the relaxin?
    I get a weird 'stretch' of quick pain in my inner thighs every now and then that make me grimace in pain and almost fall over sometimes, lol. It's just everything down there loosening up and getting ready - aswell as the relaxin. It's like you've pulled something, but only very quickly

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    The sciatic nerve starts in the spine, then splits to the two thighs then splits again twice at the knee in each leg. So sciatic pain can be found in any of these areas. Like others have mentioned, it sounds like this because it is so painful and debilitating and also because you only usually feel one side of the body hurting at a time. When I feel it in my thighs it burns and stings on the nerve like crazy but feels very numb at the same time. A call to the dr or midwife will let you know. I have googled it and it is common in pregnancy (and other times) with no cure for it. I am the same weeks as you and find elevating the legs or getting off my feet must move baby away from lying on it!

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