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    Default After School afternoon tea...

    **** I didn't put this in the food section because I thought it suited this area better as its something I only really started when I got a schoolie ****

    Do you have ravenous kids after school? Do you have a afternoon tea ritual.

    Every day after school we have afternoon tea. I serve a platter with an array of foods, including fruits (watermelon, grapes, strawberries), savoury (cheese, crackers, ham sticks, hommous, carrot, celery, turkish bread) and sometimes sweet (pikelets, mini muffins, home baked cookies/bars). Also because our school has the sun smart policy they eat at 11am so thats a long time between food for a little tike!

    I love it. They swarm around their table like vultures nibble to their hearts content and then go outside to play and burn off more energy. I find if they have afternoon tea not only does it save the "I'm hungry" whinges but they both tend to eat their dinner better. I can still remember my mother always telling me I wasn't allowed to eat when I came home from school, and I was ALWAYS starving! And the thing I love the most is they always dive straight for the cut up fruit (what is it with cut up fruit that is sooo appealing!).

    So what do your kids devour when they get home?

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    I dont have kids in school yet...but i used to work in 2 OOSH care centres before i had the girls.

    Every after noon they would eat something nice like:

    Platters of fruit
    Mini pizzas (muffins with tomato paste, cheese, ham)
    Ice cream (hmm not so healthy there) with fresh fruit
    Pasta with tomato sauce (the bolognaise stuff in a jar)
    Cruskits with a variety of spreads

    Then they could buy not so healthy foods like:

    Frozen sunny boys/long frozen juice blocks
    Frog lollies
    Mamee noodles
    Roll ups
    Space food sticks

    Basically junk food....but was only allowed 2 days a week they were in care (eg. if they were in 5 days..only 2 days were allowed to go buy junk).

    As a kid i was never allowed afternoon tea!

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    We were allowed afternoon tea, and we ate a lot of crap!!

    In summer my kids get a fruit and cheese platter, and in winter they get toast and hot chocolate. Mine also tend to eat dinner better after a good afternoon tea!!

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    Belle comes home, eats a full meal, then has dinner later. I loved preparing her afternoon tea, we would sit and chat about the day, then do her homework at the kitchen table whilst I made dinner. Now she is a teen, she grunts, goes to the fridge then off to her room

    WTF about your mum not letting you eat when you got home???

    Plan on me dropping in unexpectedly with that on the menu .

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    I used to come home and have a bowl of coco pops pmsl.

    I make 2 sandwiches for Kameron, and he eats the 2nd walking home from school


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    Wow 11 is the last time they eat?? Our kids have playtime at 11:30 and then lunch time doesnt start until 1:45, they also have a fruit break in the morning around 10.30am depending on the classroom and occasionally one in the afternoon around 3pm as well!!

    When my kids get home they're usually not tooo hungry as during the day they both eat: 2 sandwhiches, yoghurt, 2 pieces of fruit, a cookie or muffin and a lesnack or something like that. If they are hungry I'll give them either some dry biscuits or another piece of fruit but we eat at 5:30 and arent normally home from school until about 4pm so they can usually wait til dinner.

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    Harry loves crumpets with honey or jam for afternoon tea, or another sandwich. Love the idea of doing a platter, will have to try that!

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    Cai, Erin said can she come to your house for afternoon tea please??? Cause I work at her school we seem to get home and collapse and i nver get my act together about a nice afternoon tea. I used to do it for DD1 but mainly so she'd leave me alone so i could go outside and have a cigarette LOL (I quit years ago)

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