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    dont want to step on any toes, just offering an opnion is all. i dont have children of this age as yet, just going by what i have seen in other children.

    i know three children well who have been enrolled in steiner kinders or schools and all three of them are very naughty children. as in loud, obnoxious, not sharing, hitting etc. etc. i like the theory's behind the school, but when the children are screaming at their taechers or classmates and the response is, "now how do you think that behaviour makes me feel?" i dont think the children identify with that kind of teaching well enough. Given, all three children are extremely smart, but they have no social skills whatsover because they are not taught them, and i think this is important eraly on.
    If the parents don't live some of the Steiner philosphy at home than the school isn't going to perform miracles - no school will!

    Steiner schools are not just private schools that teaches them a certain lifestyle, it enhances what you as parents already teach them at home. As far as your experience with the naughty children, all I can say is that nobody is perfect and surely there will be some 'bad apples' in every crop.

    However, overall the Steiner schools are an excellent choice, provided you remember what I said to begin with. I went to a Steiner Kindergarten, then years 1, 2 and 8 because we lived away from Steiner schools at the other times. Yet, those three years of school were better for me than any other schooling I had.

    My daughter is going to a Steiner playgroup in a large Steiner school and all the children there are well behaved, respectful and friendly. Very unlike some of the children I see at my local playground, who fight, argue, hit etc. But as I said before, if you start at home, teach them love and respect for others then it's the right place for them.

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    We are looking into sending Alex to a Steiner kindergarten and school.

    There are a few in Melbourne.

    Basically the philosophy is that a child's job is to play, and they learn through play. It's interesting.

    And it's part of my "long term plan" to get DH to agree to send Alex to a private secondary school. At the moment DH refuses to sign all application forms for secondary school, even though you have to practically enrol them at birth here in Melbourne. So I've enrolled him at five private schools with me as only signatory and with me having full responsibility for fees.

    I figure if we send Alex to a private primary school I have more chance of convincing DH into private secondary school!

    I also like the Steiner philosophy.
    My daughter is currently enrolled in two Steiner schools, Warranwood and Little Yarra but I am pretty certain we will go with LY because we've had such good experiences with that school. It's definetly a wise move to enrol your child now because I got told as soon as they are born, they should be on a waiting list to avoid disappointment later.

    All the best. Sonja

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    Well we have finally got acceptance of my littlies getting into 3 yr old fornext year. I could have sent him this year as his birthday is in Feb but I did a heap of research in lots of areas and have found that studies show esp for boys that it helps them heaps more later on like secondary if they are on the older side of the scale, so have delayed it until next year. Didnt have the choice with my others as their birthdays fell in mid of year and at end of year.

    So I so thrilled for him he will have so much fun. We currently do a toddler playgroup there so he will know the centre really well, which I am hoping will make the whole transition easy for him.

    Thought Iw ould share anways.


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    Jun 2005

    Most of the children in my mums side of the family have attended either Montessori or Steiner schools and I must say they have been good. My cousin went to a montessori and then a steiner and she is a great student and more importantly a nice kind human being.

    I'm looking at sending our baby to the local Montessori, which is wonderfully near our house - walking distance in fact, so thats a blessing. I mean, you can always change schools if you are unhappy!