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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2004

    Geeze, what planet do I live on?

    I thought kinder was free.............


    Was a shock to me too. I should be used to it by now having recently moved to Oz I have already discovered they charge you for everything here!!!!


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    Pietta Guest

    I thought it was free too! I might have to use the Bachelor of Education of mine and start my own kinder for Ryley!! hehehe

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    flowerpower Guest

    Alexanders kindy is $15 a day, he'll go for two days a week, so $30 a week.


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    Sep 2004

    hi our kinder fees i think were $200 a term last year

    both are at school this year and the fees are @ $2,000 a year plus uniform which is about $500, but obviously you don't have to buy all of the uniform each year. plus the levys are about another $700 each year.

    our school fees include all excursions, incursions & the IT allowance, they have computers in every class room.

    ummmm i think that's it. oh $10 a term for one lunch order each & $1 a week for raffle tickets, each grade hosts a raffle each week to raise money for their classroom.

    ok that's it.

    love beckles

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I wrote a huge one & then closed the screen #-o ! Bugger!
    anyways, I did cleaning for 2 of the first terms at 3yr old kinder which entitled maddy to athe full year free, which was 2 x 2.5 hrs a week!
    I simply offered to clean as they were looking for a cleaner so myself & another single Mum said we'd do it & both kids went to 3yr old kinder for free, plus I attended 2 of the 4 working bee's & got $30 back ($15 eac)

    I think 4 yr old kinder I had a health care card for first 6 months & so I think I paid $19 each term for first 2 & then it was $90 per term for the last 2 as I was married & earning too much!

    School is $115 per year, plus they do Religious Edu which is extra, but maddy does not do that instead she goes to library & does computers!
    They also request a donation, I spoke to other parents & most said they round it up to $120! So I did the same!!!

    It is the same price each year until grade 6! Which I don't think is too bad! It is a small public school with only about 140 students & everyone knows everyone, they do alot of school outings not just class, which brings them all together & there is no bullying etc!

    Ofcourse there are fundraisers, excursioins etc which I'd say would be about $50 a year more?

    But I'd definately look into the cleaning of the room again when we have more children!!!

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    Aug 2004

    something some of you may not know. Public school fees are not actually compulsary, they are completely optional, obviously the schools don't advertise this point! They can in no way force yu to pay them.

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I did not know they were not compulsory, but I figure personally $115 or $120 is a small amount to pay for my DD education...
    If we were in serious hardships then I guess I would look into it more...

    Does this include High school as well, coz I have heard it's alot more!!!!

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    Sep 2004

    public school fees or 'levys' are not compulsary but it does mean that the school is not obliged to buy your childs books etc. you must obtain a 'book list' and buy them yourself. something my SIL told me, she is a school principal.


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Joshua's kinder last yr in Vic was $125 per term so $500 per year, at a council run kinder. There was a 50% rebate for healthcare/pension cardholders, so it cost me just $250 for the whole year. Private kinders are probably more and I'm not sure if you get the discount for healthcare card.

    As for school, my kids go to public primary school, which cost $100 per child per year, $50 in materials(for books etc) and a $50 "voluntary" contribution fee, which you supposedly are paying voluntarily, but of course if you don't pay it then they "can't provide as many good programs". I get EMA (Education maintenance allowance) as we have the healthcare card, whcih is $200 per child per year and the school gets a big cheque and a little cheque and so do you. THe cheque the school gets can be allocated by you towards excursions etc. I used $50 of ea of the kids for the voluntary fee, and last year Jordan's went toward, Life ed van, an excursion and her camp. The cheque you get you can use for whatever as you cash it in your bank account. It is a great thing to have as things certainly add up quickly. Jordan leaves for grade 5 camp on Mon and that cost $330 + $40 spending money, and that's just at the start of the year.

    Private schools are much dearer of course, but we can't afford to send our little dears to any of them around here, 4 kids and a one wage family can't stretch to private education unfortunately. But I was educated in the public system and I did ok for myself, got into uni and did what I wanted so I am not concerned that my kids will go to public schools.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Vanessa Guest

    I work two days a week and it is $25 a day for Liam (is $30 but we get a $5 rebate). If I worked full time, it would be $125 a week.

    We are discussing private primary schools for Liam now, as if you dont enrol before they're 18months old, where I live, forget it!

    Prep(4yr old) - two days a week is now $30 a day(same as what I currently pay for Liam) and Kindergarten (5yr old) primary school is $ roughly $700 a term, that includes excursions, textbooks, IT fee, capital works fee (10 weeks a term - $70 a week BARGAIN by current child care fees) this increases to $900 in Year 6.

    Local public school is $30 voluntary contribution, $30 textbooks, plus excursions a year.

    I am now deciding whether I should pay the $50 enrolment fee to the local private school, public schools provide quality education, but I have found that there is no money in public schools anymore and they rely on voluntary contributions and fundraising to pay for new projects, which I know not everyone pays into. I want my child to go to a school that has everything and not misses out, due to lack of funding.

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    Jan 2005

    kinder in my suburb is about 650 for 10 hours, 750 for 12 and 850 for 14 (I assume this is a yearly fee?)

    Have looked at 2 private/independant schools, one is $1000pa the other is 6500pa, for prep.

    The closest goivt school I would not send Milo to if we're still living here, there is a catholic school, but all family members have to be Chirstened to go there, and given my husband is an athiest, I'm not going to ask him to compromise his beliefs for this.