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    Kindergarten / Pre-School Feedback

    Dear all,

    I thought it would be a fantastic idea to put together a big list of Kindergarten / Pre-Schools and our feedback sorted by state, to help mums find a centre for their child.

    After visiting loads of Kindergartens today, all so very different, I figure there has to be an easier way of knowing where the kindergartens are, what others think of them and what you need to do in regards to enrolment. I will list the 8 or so Kindergartens I have visited today when I have some peace tonight, so if anyone would like to add any information about the centres they have seen, please do so and I will add it to the list! You might like to include which Kindergartens you child has been to or currently attends, so other mums can chat with you!

    Please include the following in your comments:

    Feedback By: (forum name)
    Kindergarten Name:
    When to Enrol: (e.g. at birth, 2 years of age)
    Waiting Lists: (If known e.g. very long, average, always vacancies)
    Programs: (e.g. 1 x 3 year old & 2 x 4 year old, with times if possible)
    Number of Children in Class:
    Philosophy or Basis:
    What You Liked:
    What You Didn't Like:
    General Comments About Centre / Impressions:
    Verdict: Would You Choose This Centre? (Yes, No, Maybe)

    Please note that this is a feedback thread based on personal opinion only. BellyBelly is not affiliated or does not indorse any centres in anyway and the comments are that of the parents making them only.


    South Australia

    Feedback By: Astrolady
    Kindergarten Name: Paralowie Kindergarten
    Address: 13 Yalumba Drive, Paralowie
    Phone: 8250 2150
    Website: (not a good site though just very basic info)
    When to Enrol: Not sure as my boys are in their playgroup, so I just ticked that they would be attending the Kindy on the same premises when I enrolled them to playgroup
    Waiting Lists: Pretty sure there is always vacancies
    Programs: 4yr old kindy only both morning and afternoon sessions (9am -11.45am and 12.45pm - 3.30pm. With pre-entry for 10 weeks (every Friday Morning 9am - 11am) before beginning full time.
    Number of Children in Class: Unsure
    Philosophy or Basis:
    What You Liked: Teachers are friendly and caring and will not tolerate swearing or bullying in anyway
    What You Didn't Like: I don't think there is anything I don't like
    General Comments About Centre / Impressions: It is very neat and tidy and well organised. All the children seem happy to be there.
    Verdict: Would You Choose This Centre? Definitely



    Feedback By: barbie-up
    Kindergarten Name: Alice Johnson Pre School
    Address: Park Blvd, Ferntree Gully, Vic 3156
    Phone: 03 9758 2973
    Website: n/a
    When to Enrol: for 4yo - the form given by the MHN at birth. For 3YO Jan/Feb in the year before they are due to go - these sessions book out very eary.
    Waiting Lists: Not sure about 4yo as it is done thru the council, for 3yo there is a waiting list
    Programs: 3yo - either one or two sessions a week - monday PM and thursday AM. 4YO - three sessions - tuesday AM, friday AM and wed PM
    Number of Children in Class: 25 max
    Philosophy or Basis: its three pages long - should I type it all in here ??
    What You Liked: The teachers are friendly and approachable, its within walking distance.
    What You Didn't Like: nothing
    General Comments About Centre / Impressions: It's in an older building and not super flush with money, but the children don't miss out on anything.
    Verdict: Would You Choose This Centre? Yep
    Kelly xx

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    bushbaby Guest

    Keep up the good work

    Don't get too stressed about it. My daughter is very bright but socially not so good. She enjoys being the smartest cookie in the room and the teachers can challenge her enough so far. This may not always happen though. She has really taken on board the idea of teaching others what she knows but I also don't want her to do this all the time as she then gets no opportunity to be taught by her own peers. Just tread carefully.