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Thread: Sister bound for high school next yr and Im scared!

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    Default Sister bound for high school next yr and Im scared!

    I have a 13yr old sister who has Down Syndrome.
    Im the oldest at 23 then Gemma 13, and the twins Kacey and Arron who are 7.
    My step father was never really in the picture and he left over 3 years ago, since he was never a fatherly role my mum and me brought the kids up.
    Now Gemma enters high school next year and Im really scared, she is going to the same high school I went to but in the disabled class.
    Puberty has already happened and now the boy crushes have come, although I am happy for her and think its all good (meaning its a 'normal' thing to happen) it really worries me. Its an all girls school she is going to but that never stopped me and I know it wont stop her from meeting the boys!
    I dont know how to cope..... I dont live at home anymore and I feel sorry for my mum, who is on her own, but she seems to be coping!!
    Why cant I? I talked to mum about it and she just laughs it off saying "you will let her go at some stage" I dont want to let her go, but I want her to enjoy life.

    How do i cope?

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    I have to say that is the most beautiful post I've ever seen. To see an older sibling have so much care and thought for the other siblings is fantastic, and to appreciate your mother too...You sound like a great daughter/sister

    I think your mum is right though, there isn't much you can do. Maybe just keep a social interest in your sister share stuff with her so she'll feel comfortable sharing with you too. Make sure she knows if she needs someone to talk to you will be there always. And maybe if she ever gets herself into a situation and she's worried about calling mum to call you iykwim? That sort of thing?

    Goodluck! I can only imagine how hard it must be!


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    Hi Naomi,

    All of the concearns you are having are very normal and I am sure your mum has similar feelings but knows she can not stop this next step in growing up Gemma will be fine I am sure of that I think that keeping a very close relationship with her school might help put your mind at ease.

    It may also help if you sit down with Gemma and have a talk with her about the things you are worried about although it might be a little difficult you know how to chat with her and maybe it will help her to understand things a little more.

    I hope you get some better advice I really don't know what else to say about the matter maybe try and post this in the BOO HOO room and ask for some advice

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