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Thread: Wanted!!! pre-school sleep sheep set

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    Smile Wanted!!! pre-school sleep sheep set

    Hi all

    Ok, i am have no idea how to sew i dont even own a sewing machine!!! What i am wanting is someone who has a clue about this sort of thing to come forward and offer to make me a preschool sleep sheet set?? i will of course pay you! lol

    i have seen them on line and they are about $40, this seems so expensive to me?? all i am after is a bedding product that can go on the sleeping cot/camp bed things they have at day care.. so maybe just a base sheet with a top sheet attached ?? i am not looking for a quilted product, i was thinking of just adding a blanket in the cooler months when needed.

    anyone interested or has any ideas to point me in the right direction please post here! or PM me.. I am after a "boy" theme product for my 18 month old..


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    I have a set from my son when he was at peschool, has bottom and top sheet and a libary bag I used to just send one of those polar fleece throws in winter, If you want it PM me your address will post on Tuesday for you, otherwise just going to give it to the school for a spare

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    OMG - that would be fab!! I am on the Gold Coast so i could come and get it from you? save on postage.. have a cuppa at the same time!

    Let me know what works best for you !

    Would still be interested if anyone could sew some, would like one for DD aswell, almost 4, she does not really sleep at kindy anymore but woul dhate for her not to have a special sleep sheet!

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