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Thread: 1984 by George Orwell - Book Club Chatter

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    Did you end up screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOO"? I think I almost did, but it may have been in the small hours of the morning and I should have been sleeping, so didn't want to wake my parents.

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    Ha ha ha...yeah, sort of. Have to admit to a feeling of flatness at the ending ( how it ended, not at the writing).

    What still stikes me as odd, is now that I am a mum, I find it difficult to comprehend how Big Bro and the Party was able to surpress maternal and paternal instinct, that you work to acheive a better world/outcome/future/existance for your kids. I mean, I would honestly go to the ends of the earth for Pup and I can't imagine ever bowing to the will of someone else (higher authority or not) if it ever meant putting his future in jeopardy.

    I may have missed it, and it may have been implied how it was done, but I sort of think that some aspects of human nature (such as a mum's love for her kids) was not truelly appreciated in the writing of this book.

    And the other thing that I thought was incredible was that (and I hope I understood this correctly) this "society" was constructed within people's lifetimes (ie within 20 or 30 years or so). The main character at least could remember snippets of a "normal existence" from his childhood, so all this BB stuff (ooooh BB = Big Brother and BB = Belly Belly....:eek: co-incidence!???!!!) happened in his lifetime. And he wasn't that old. Has politics EVER acheived anything so fast IRL??? LOL.

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    Looking at British Politics and the downfall of English Society in the last 10-15 years... yes, politics has managed to achieve a complete balls-up of everything very quickly! We've gone from something imperfect to something that doesn't work at all. A lot of people out there in their 40s and 50s hate Bliar more than they ever did Thatcher, which is really saying something.

    As for maternal instinct... OK, our government is encouraging teenagers to have children by giving them free houses (needless to say, it's hard enough for two professionals to buy a house together these days, having a baby at 14-15 would have been a good option for me, at least then I wouldn't have to pay back my Uni loan, so much for "education is free" you lying...), and there are a lot of horror stories every day about their lack of maternal instincts. While I'm sure there are great 14-year-old mothers out there, there are many who just want the free house and to live off the state, and these people are encouraged to breed.

    However, I agree - even in another 10 or so years' time, most people with any intelligence my age would be able to remember pre-BB life. Makes you wonder if they rounded up all the older people and intelligent people of a certain age and killed them. Or maybe they just went into politics, that being the only escape route these days.

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    I am about halfway through. Only picked it up last Friday as a copy was finally available at the library. Can't really say it is engaging me that much, but never really been much into political things etc. Shall continue to read it though.

    Will announce a new book next month, got a bit busy this month LOL.


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    I am finding it really hard to get into this book, I'm just not in the right headspace to read it right now.

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    I found it a bit hard to get into as you're not alone girls. I kept thinking "how could society end up like this" and it was putting me off.

    I can't say that I "enjoyed" the book, but I'm glad I read it.

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    Wow, I really did enjoy it; couldn't put it down! It's really scary, but not in a horror-film sort of way, and I really love that sort of thing. I could really empathise with Winston and felt that the writing was such that you could easily paint this happening in your own town... everything in a dull, uniform grey, political posters for Big Brother everywhere, and when he was locked up I started to get a bit claustrophobic! Gave me the shivers.

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    Haven't got to him being locked up yet, he is still romping with Julia where I am up too LMAO. It is a quiet weekend here so hopefully I will get close to finishing it.


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    You know what I reckon is funny? In a lot of things that are posted in the future (ie this book, Star Trek, many futuristic movies), everyone has the same clothes. Don't you think that this is....strange? Why? How? Who decides that everyone in the world or that society (usually a large on in these flicks) should dress one way. And they are always a jumpsuity type thing!! LOL. Must be a man who dreams up these clothes. No female would ever have other women in jumpsuits PMSL!! (not least because of the difficultly going to the toilet and then having to sit there in the starkers while the whole jumpsuit is around your ankles!!)

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    I'll second the ugly star trek clothes! Even the non-spaceship people (or off-duty people) wear the ugliest things possible. Even the wedding dresses are yuk! (but the uniforms were usually a 2-piece thing, geek here can name the few times they weren't, all except for the tiny dresses.)

    At least in 1984 it was supposed to be an aid to repression, but I hate uniforms!

    And am I the only person who really can't stand Julia? She just did my nut in.

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    She seems to be away with the fairies

    I am getting there slowly. Up to where they have just joined the brotherhood.


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    Yeah, Julia is STRANGE.

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    I finished it finally and gave my rating in the other thread.


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