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Thread: Another freezing question - avacado?

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    Default Another freezing question - avacado?

    Does anyone know if you can freeze avacado? I love them and use everyday for lunch but they go brown quite quickly so was thinking i could mash and freeze for DS now that he has started solids.

    You can tell i have a baby starting solids - all these freezing questions - the other day banana, today avocado!

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    good question Em - will be interested to see the answer myself cause those four packs are always ripe all together so it would be great to be able to freeze

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    Watties, here in NZ have just released pottles of frozen avocado, so I assume it can be frozen. That said, I'm not sure if it has an additives to stop it going brown.

    You could always add lemon juice to the mashed avocado before freezing it.

    I wonder too, if you could actually just freeze the avocado whole, i.e. don't cut into it. In that way it wouldn't be exposed to the air. (That doesn't solve the problem of what to do if you only use half at a time though!).

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