thread: Breakfast and your partner/husband

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    Dec 2008

    Breakfast and your partner/husband

    im currently over my DF whinging about having nothing to eat for breakfast. he isnt happy unless he has something hot everyday. He cant keep eating mcdonalds or steak/snags, bacon, eggs etc everyday as we are on a strict budget due to monthly pay. whatever happened to toast or something simple.

    so my question is what does your partner/husband eat for breakfast??

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    Feb 2007

    My DH eats toast or a wheat bix and muesli combo. Would your DH eat hot porridge? What about crumpets? Scrambled eggs on toast?

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    Feb 2006
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    He eats cereal, rain, shine or apocalypse.

    Is there any chance you can get chickens? That might be a cheap way to have eggs on tap? Would he be happy to substitute the hot brekky every morning for something else special, like a hot coffee from a coffee machine or something? As in, that might save you money in the long run?
    Can something in the budget be altered? As in, if you get pocket money, his breakfast can come out of his pocket money? Something like that?

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    Sep 2007
    South Gippsland

    DH either makes porridge or a banana+weetbix+milo smoothie which is his version of an up and go

    On weekends if we are both home then I cook poached eggs on toast with bacon I LOVE bacon - especially the home grown ones much tastier than the brought ones.

    He could make museli with hot milk, eggs on toast (scrambled or other) , a bacon and egg wrap or muffin, fried tomatos, sausages and eggs, toast, crumpets, pancakes lots of ideas.

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    Mar 2009

    Toast or crumpets. The only time he gets a hot breakfast is fathers day.

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    Dec 2006
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    mine is a "hot brekki" boy most of the time - he gets up, makes himself a coffee (we have a coffee machine - saves us a fortune) which he drinks while cooking whatever we're having for brekki. most of the time it's snags or rissoles and eggs and/or tomato cooked up with onion. DH is only home a couple of days a week for brekki, and will eat left overs from the night before if there are any. when he's at work, he only eats one decent meal a day that he cooks, so it's normally brekki - and reheats for dinner. i don't complain too much cos it keeps him happy, and if he has a big brekki, he will have a simple lunch (if any at all).

    ummmm, can you talk to him about substituting the heavy meat for something simple except for a couple of days a week - maybe eggs on toast or muffin without the meat. toasted sandwich with ham and cheese etc... mine will settle for that if we have nothing else in the house...

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    Dec 2007
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    Mine has 1.5 weetbix, a handful of muesli, a small tub of yoghurt and some milk, warmed in the microwave for a minute.

    He gets a hot meal every day that way - and he can make it himself.. haha

    Sometimes he will feel like eggs though, so I'll tell him to poach his own. Then he gets over feeling like he wants eggs pretty quickly

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    Apr 2008

    I cooked DP scrambled eggs this mornign but it was a one off and we had so many eggs to use up!

    He will often have left overs from dinner the night before for breakfast! LOL! If there is nothing left over and he says to me what is for breakfast I say there i cereal or toast that he can have.

    Sometimes he will make a protein shake as well

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    Jul 2005

    My DP gets whatever he wants for breakfast - he makes it himself!

    On the weekends when he has more time he makes us all a hot breakfast - pancakes, eggs and bacon (whatever version DD feels like that day), or something similar. Not really enough time on weekdays for much more than toast or cereal, tea or coffee.

    I help out during the week with breakfast, but not on the weekends unless I'm asked.

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    May 2007

    Shel has cereal on work days. Toast or an english muffin on non-work days. We used to do a hot breaky once a week, but then we got sick of it lol, so now its on rare occassion that we do anything other than cereal or toast.

    Maybe do some cheaper (and healthier) alternatives, boiled egg or scrambled egg with baked beans, or ham and cheese english muffins, porridge with fruit, maybe even a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich?

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    Oct 2006

    He eats cereal, rain, shine or apocalypse.
    LOL, mine too! And he HAS to have yoghurt and juice along with it. Breakfast is his thing.
    For the hot breaky though, I'd go with what the other girls have said. Eggs are pretty inexpensive, so maybe he can cook himself some scrambled on toast? And you can buy tins of tomatoes quite cheaply too - a tomato and onion salsa on the side could be a nice treat perhaps...
    I love crumpets too, and they seem to be on special at the shops really frequently (cause they only have a couple of days left before they expire). I put them in the freezer and they heat up fine.

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    Jul 2008

    DP pretty much always eats cereal. occasionally he'll have toast. and on weekends i sometimes make pancakes but that's more of an occasional treat.

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    Sep 2008
    Bunbury, Western Australia

    Df usually has wheatbix (about 5 of them!) with Milk and Yoghurt or honey, most of the time though he gets something once he's at work as he starts at 5 in the morning and isn't always hungry when he gets up.
    Sundays are our cooked breakfast days, I don't think I could be bothered during the week!
    Monthly pays suck, I get paid fornightly and that's bad enough *grumbles*

    Naenae, you grow your own bacon?? I'm picturing little bacon tree's ahah! xx

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    Feb 2008
    Near the Snowies!

    My DF is easy....he rarely has breakfast!! If he does he has it himself and is usually something simple like cereal or toast and coffee. Very occasionally I might make bacon & eggs on a weekend, but that doesn't happen very often. He works late nights so I would starve if I was to wait for him to get up before I had breakfast!

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    Jul 2008
    Country VIC

    mine leaves for work very early so doesnt really find the time to make breakfast. Last year we discovered Lowan cup of oats, its like cup of soup but instead its oats (porridge)
    it comes in sachets and you put it in a cup and add boiling water and walla you have breakfast, there are 3 different flavours I think but we just get original which has a hint of vanilla and honey. He loves them and I dont worry anymore because I know he is getting breakfast. On weekends he just has toast.

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    Jan 2004

    On a workday, I don't know what he has..I'm not getting up at 4am to make anything for him lol. On nightshift, he has ham,cheese tomato on mountain bread, or sometimes I might make him scrambled eggs.

    He use to cook eggs benedict most sundays, but we have started going out for brunch, so neither of us have been making any brekkie then.

    He usually whinges that he needs cereal, so I buy it, then it seems to sit in the pantry forever!


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    Apr 2007
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    DP rarely eats breakfast so I'll tell you what I have.

    Often a fruit muffin - ie. like an English Muffin but with fruit rather than the cake-y muffins.

    Or a hot cross bun.

    Or a pretend toasted sandwich. Toast some bread and then fill it with ham, cheese and mayo. Or I will mix up some tuna and pesto and have that in some toast or an English muffin.

    On the weekends, I will sometimes cook corn fritters with eggs, smoked salmon, mushed avocado and sour cream but that's way too much bother during the week.

    Sometimes I have porridge.

    Not a fan of cereal. Dunno why.

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    Nov 2008

    I have the same problem most mornings Ive decided to put my foot down and tried to introduce a normal healthy breakfast (not a 3 course meal!) so DS has rice bubbles I have toast and a coffee and DF has toast or leftovers from the night before.
    Saturdays are usually eggs benny with a light lunch and something easy like nachos for dinner. Hes slowly getting use to the new morning routine but its hard to teach old dogs new tricks huh..