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Thread: Breakfast and your partner/husband

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    I LOVE my DP!

    He has cereal (museli) every day. He gets up, gets dressed, takes DD down and gives her cereal, makes himself cereal and both of us a coffee and brings me the coffee in bed! Then i get up and usually have toast but it depends when i took my thyroid meds (can't be taken within 30 mins and preferably an hour of food) so sometimes i have to wait befor i can eat.

    Occasionally (like today) i get up while he's getting dressed and he STILL has cereal but today i made the coffee and heated him a croissant too. Very occasionally i'll make him porridge or bacon and eggs or something, and at the weekend we almost always have an extended breakfast with newspapers, good coffee, hot chocolate, pastries, toast, etc. or eat out for brunch.


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    my DP gets up 5 minutes before he has to be at work so doesnt have breaky
    he works in a servo so most likely has something gross around lunchtime like a meat pie and can of red bull
    he works mon-sat and i work sunday so we never get a breaky together, when i used to have sundays off i did pancakes (those shake and bake ones) , he loves them...guess when i finish work in 2 weeks itll be back to that (for 4 or 5 weeks til bubs arrives then he can bloody get up and make it himself LOL)

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